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Golf training?

There is no eccentric stress during paper crunching. This explains the lack of muscle soreness.

HA! Its in one of your articles? I must have missed it and I printed all of them out, obviously I havent read all of them through yet. I just found it in Tigers “How I Play Golf” also.

How should I perform a cuban press? I’ve seen 2 versions of how it is should be performed. One is bend to 90 and rotate back and forth. The 2nd is hang then pull to 90, rotate back, press up and then reverse back to the hang. Which way to you recommend?

My explicit apologies for posting as, “Hyphnz” as he had linked me to the T-Forums, and I replied to this thread while logged in as him, even though I thought that I was logged in as my name, “silles”. This was completely accidental, and I ask all to please disregard the previous post by “Hyphnz” and understand that the post, was indeed, typed, and submitted by myself, silles.

Thank you

-Sean Illes

I just want to note that this has now become the longest thread in the guest forum.

So much for golf and T-mag don’t mix, eh?