Golf swing stuffed

It may not be the end of the world but its pretty bloody close! I went to hit some golf balls today and after about 4 swings PAIN in the obliques to the point of having to stop. R handed and pain is about waist level on L side. I don’t play much anymore and last swings would be approx 4-6 weeks ago, I have been doing some of the Paul Chek cable wood chops for obliques in between then and now but not in last week or so (rest week) and consider myself to have strong abs. Have NEVER encountered this before. It seems strange that a movement to strengthen the obliques could have caused it but that is all I can attribute it to. Not a happy camper.

Getting up for a solid round of golf is much like getting up for a good lift, you don’t go into the weight room rack 500 lbs and start sqautting do you? then why on earth would you start hacking without a thourough stretch and some light warm up swings on the driving range with short-to-mid Irons, I always stretch before going out and do some trunk twists with a club behind my neck to loosen up, you figure the club head speed on a driver is on average above 100mph!

Man…if you get hurt playing golf I don’t know what to say. :wink:

You may have answered your own question when you mentioned that you don’t play that much. The forces in the golf swing are enough to fracture a vertebrae with your typical drive reaching about 90% peak muscle activity. If you’re not used to that level of force in a multiplanar movement like a golf swing, it is very likely that you can be injured. Give some specifics to your area of complaint and movements which reproduce your pain, and I may be able to help with your rehab plan.

A bit more info, I did do a few warmups, slow mo swings and stretches. I don’t exactly swing it like an axe as used to be on a 1 hcp so am aware of the body stresses involved. Main point of pain/ache is at base of ribs extending slightly lower. Was able to do w/out today with only real impact on chins (palm facing) was no pain when palm away tho. I am not injury prone and have no history of training injuries that is why it surprises me so much. Thanks for feedback/help.

Your description from altering your chins and reproduction of pain leans toward an abdominal muscle strain. Treat it like any other type of strain. Gentle stretches after 48 hours, RICE, etc. Continue to train and avoid painful movements. Mild strains will resolve in about 2 weeks. If it continues to bother you, ART can help. Let me know how it goes.

Thanks for the feedback, it is actually a lot better already (about 75%) and will keep an eye on it. I have been doing the vacum abs this week (only ab work) and this may be helping it too.