Golf Gadgets

Has anybody had any success with any of these or are they all hype

  1. Medicus (hinged golf club)
  2. Swing Setter(david leadbetter)
  3. Speed stick

These are all seen on the golf channel.

Medicus is OK. I was able to make a horrible swing and not have it break. This was for the single hinge one and may not be the case with the dual one anymore.

Swing Setter is nothing more than a Momentus with a goofy club at the top.

The Speed Stick is OK but the swing speed gauge is extremely cheap and +/- 10-15mph

The inside approach is a great training aid. You can find replicas on Ebay for $20 and under. It helps over the top, to far from the inside and a bunch more problems.

A VIDEO CAMERA is indespensable, and if you are serious about golf, get one. Then compare your swing to someone who is close to your body type/size. You may cringe when you see your swing on video :-)!

A mini club and a full length mirror can also be benefical for those late night urges to work on your swing.