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Golf Exercises

Anybody give me a point in the right direction to what gym exercises will help with my game.
i’m already using lunges/step ups, wood chopper/russian twist, rotator work, but not 100% sure of other exercise i.e bench press, shoulder press.

You are on the right track, especially with the full contact twists, read coach davies ab article this week for more good stuff, and also include hip work, not just hip strength from DB swings, but concentrate massively on hip flexibility.

As a golfer myself (or rather a FORMER golfer…golf and bodybuilding are too expensive to do both at the same time), I can tell you what NOT to do.

I was a 70's shooter when I was a skinny, lanky high schooler. As soon as I started bulking up 10 years ago, my swing became really restricted and I started shooting poorly.

Unless you're Tiger Woods and need incredible amounts of strength and endurance to play competitive golf, I would think flexibility would be your number one priority.

General strength training is good for your health in general, so definitely add the weights to your fitness program, but don't go nuts. Focus on endurance type weight training (high reps and low weight) and devote half your workout to stretching.

If you want to train strictly to help your golf game, I would definitely make flexibility improvement an integral part

incorporate some radial and ulnar flexion forearm work.

I’d recommend powercleans. This exercise develops explosive strenth in the legs, hips and back; all the major muscles you use when hitting a golf ball. Get somebody to show you the proper technique. It’s not too tough to learn; just takes a little practice.

Work on core strength to reduce possible lower back probs, flexibility for obvious reasons, and rotator cuff work. I think a general low rep strength focussed program works ok, but look at both your training and golf goals to decide on a program. What is more important? Do you train to improve golf or do you play golf as well astrain? What sort of handicap are you on?

Do you have good technique. All the in the world won’ t help you if you do not have a nice smooth swing. Tiger can smash the ball not because he is strong, but because he has a perfect swing, its effortless, a smooth transition of power from the kegs,hips to the shoulders and ultimatelly the club. Get with a coach and work on your swing.

I am a golfer. I do not lift specifically for my golf game, I lift to be strong and fit. If you are stronger and fitter you will play better right??
I would suggest you do some grip and forearm work. A lot of power and clubhead speed is generated from the release of the wrists. Also swinging a weigthed club or a broom will strengthen those swing specific muscles and help coordinate them. And any type of ab and oblique work will help too.

I’d recommend Paul Chek’s book “Golf Biomechanics Manual”.Well worth the cost,it addresses everything you need to tune up your game.I bought it,love it(not just for golf,but lots of useful info)and have already benefitted from it myself,and friends I’ve helped.

Ko, got to agree with the part about swing basics but the bit about Tiger not being strong and his swing effortless, gotta disagree. Forget any discussion about his bench etc, one of the primary reasons Tiger started serious training was to get stronger so he could improve his impact position in particular his wrist positioning, it also allows him to use a more coordinated arm/body swing which is more consistent and improves his disatnce control esp with short irons. His swing is not effortless at all and most people will never swing like him because he is extremely flexible, look at his feet and hips versus shoulder turn at the top of the backswing, and impact position down the line hips open and shoulders square.