golf certifications

Well fellas I am a big believer in T-mag and those who follow it so your opinions are important to me. I am a trainer and wanting to get certified in golf so idiots think I know what I am doing lol. It is sad that a weekend seminar and a piece of paper can make the ignorant public think you know what you are doing. My question to you guys is this. What are some good certification programs? I like Paul Cheks but the 1,000 dollar price tag is a lil high on something that may not generate much money. Anyways any help from my fellow T-mag readers and writers would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Paul Chek certification is the only one that i know of. I wanted to get the book but it costs like 75 or 90, something like that!?? I thought about it too but 1000 bucks plus hotel and food expenses that I can’t afford. NSCA CSCS is a lot cheaper and more conivenent than that which i ended up with. I thought it was easy and i didn’t even study. I just show up, take the exam and go home and wait for the envelope to come to tell me that i passed.