Golf, Carry vs Cart

Hi all,

I’m a recent country club member, and am trying to make the most of my time there. I’m Loki f to cut down, so I’ve been debating a push cart vs actually carrying my bag for 18. Obviously I’d imagine both Beim more calories vs driving a motorized cart. But does a push cart burn more calories than actually carrying my clubs for 18? I also hear that even if a push card does T burn more, it would be better for my back, and this, better overall than carrying… curious as to everyone’s thoughts

I think that would depend a lot on terrain.

Try both, whichever one felt harder is probably the one that burns the most calories


If a pull cart burned more calories, people wouldn’t rent them.

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I believe carrying burns more calories but if you have back issues, go with push cart.
A typical golf round walking is about six miles, so if you play 3 times a week, you can get
some great milage in while enjoying your golf game. Over time, it adds up, fat golfers ride in a motorized golf cart and the thin ones are the walkers!