Golf beginner

I am looking to take up golf soon (i played it last year in kenya on the most beautiful course i’ve ever seen, and have been meaning to start ever since).

I will get some lessons from but was wondering if you know of any good websites so i could do some background reading before hand.

Thanks. See you at the Open!


Ben Hogan’s 5 Five Lessons
Tiger Woods How I Play Golf
Dave Pelz Putting Bible
Dave Pelz Short Game Bible.

Kung, if you have any other questions PM me.

haha good luck buddy golf is so easy. =p

Honestly, Golf is not a game you can really learn thru a book or website, its something you have to get out there and do to learn how to play. I went to college on a Golf Scholarship but then I quit becuase golf is just too boring now, Dont know why but I cant stand to play anymore.
Good luck