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[quote]That One Guy wrote:
Anyone want to post up handicaps?

At my best, when I was playing for the golf team of my school, I got down to a 4-5 handicap. I took a year layoff from the game, and have picked it up again, now I’m at about a 10-12 handicap. It sucks knowing that you were better at some point, but I think I play the game smarter now and with a bit more practice can beat my old handicap pretty handily.[/quote]

Yea, I’m probably around an 7-8 or so this year. With getting married and buying a house this spring I have played less than HALF of what I did last year. Last season I was a 38 Average, which in terms of handicaps is close to scratch, since your handicapp throws out the 10 worst rounds out of 20. This season I’m hovering with a 41 average, but I had a few abysmal rounds earlier this year. Even shot a 52 one day. Wanted to quit the game after that round.