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Golf and the Fitness Lifestyle


Heyy, I'm not sure how many golfers there are on this site, but I figured that we should band together on our own thread. Working out is still a little taboo among golfers in my opinion, with some older guys telling me things like, "Stay away from the weights, they'll leave you too tight and muscle-bound to swing well". Sometimes I just agree with them and go on my way, but in my personal opinion the lifting lifestyle and frequent golfing can go hand in hand if someone knows what they're doing with their training set-up.

So are there any golfers out there? What do yall think about mixing golf and heavy weight lifting? And I suppose any golf-related news/issues/tips could be discussed here as well.


As long as your swing isn't physically inhibited by your size, it doesn't matter. In fact, I'm sure the added core strength in a trained individual would give them an advantage over an "average" player.

I love golf. Great opportunity to enjoy the weather with friends while getting drunk in public.


A study was conducted two years ago that compared many of the world's top golfers to their ability to perform a back squat to parallel. What the researchers found was that the best golfers were the most proficient at squatting parallel, and could do so with the most weight.

Training your body will only increase your proprioception, assuming you do so correctly. Golf is purely a rotational sport, so throw in some rotational deadlifts on a landmine, some of those sword swings from that article from last week, and some upper/lower body Russian twists and you'll kick those old bastard's asses up and down that golf course.


does that mean Andy Bolton would beat Tiger Woods?


Size doesn't matter...take a look at Jason Zuback. He a long drive champion and is a monster in the weight room. I have an old issule of Muscle and Fitness with him in it..Ill try to find it so I can scan some of the pics. The dude is a beast!

Edit: Found the article online..but no pics..will have to scan them. It's impressive.


I'm sure those older guys are also claiming that a "golf gut" helps stabilize your swing plane. Meanwhile, Tiger continues to add quality mass to his frame.

I'll go ahead and assume that maintaining flexibility should be a primary focus -- specifically your shoulder turn and through your hips -- while adding muscle along the way.


First of all, your size can interfere with your swing, that doesn't mean it has to. But let's get real: I doubt guys Ronnie Coleman or Markus Ruhl's sizes allow them to have a smooth swing.

Second, long driving is not real golf. It's seeing who can drive the farthest with super-flex drivers. No irons, chipping, or putting. Last time I checked golf had those things, too.


Ummmmm, Well I don't mean to go against the grain here as I think lifting does help, but being a big monster is not necessary at all. Jamie here is the future of long driving and he's not really a big guy, he is tall, and fast and flexible. That is how you hit a ball a mile, look at bubba watson also.



Yeah I've followed Bubba before out here at Torrey Pines. Crushes it.

Golf is tons more than crushing drives. the finesse and accuracy around the green and putting is also all kinds of important, we all know this.

I like it because techniques used for lifting help my golfing mind, especially when it comes to setting up shots, stance, breathing, all of that.

I'm pretty sure I can dig up a couple pictures of my backswing that might help explain how a big dude compensates for his gut/shoulder girth...


I went to see Victor Martinez at a supp store a bit ago and the guy loves to golf every chance he gets. Didn't have the nerve to ask him if he was any good though.

Drive for show,put for dough my old man always says...too bad I never listen to him. All I want to do do is crush that fucker and my score sheet suffers.I just need is one great drive and I'm pretty happy.

I've noticed lately alot of players re-set their ball when they get to it or what I call fluffing the ball up to get a better chance to get under the ball. How can you brag about a great approach shot when you improved the lie even when the origanal lie was fine but buried a bit. I see this at work tounaments. Fuckin' ell. If its sitting on a steaming pile of goose shit fine but otherwise leave it alone. I get more stoked about a good shot from a bad lie. Anyone else notice this trend and does it bother them. Just curious.

Jason Zuback is Canadian :slight_smile:

Good thread subject TOG.


Wasn't saying you neeeed to be hyooge to hit the ball far..just saying that if you are, that it shouldn't be a limiting factor. :wink:


My dad says the same thing bond... and I do the same thing, CRUSH it... but right into the woods ha ha Oh well. I still play every chance I get, which isn't very often, but my short game is getting better, so if I can get my drives straight, I'll have a killer game.

And I definitely play it as it lies... even on the cart path, of course that will change once I shell out the greenbacks and get a set of Callaways, but by that time I shouldn't be hitting the ball in the woods or on the cart path...


I only play golf about once a year now. I used to play all the time. I think lifting has helped with getting more spin with my irons, a little more distance, and a little more consistency.


I'm a lifter first and golfer second. If added size does end up interfering with my golf game, tough shit. I'm just there to goof off and get drunk on the course, not terribly serious about it anyway.


I play it where it lies in any serious competition. However, my weekly golf league is played on a scubby 9 hole course and you catch some pretty rediculous lies due to the conditioning of the course. Add to that, every other golfer in the league improves thier lie on every shot and I do it because it's a money league and i'm not going to be putting myself at a competetive disadvantage just for the morals of the game.

I would prefer it if no one moved thier ball, but I am a good ballstriker and could get away with bad lies no problem, Most of the guys in the league are hacks and would have a real hard time with many of the lies you get out there.

Putting spin on the ball has little to do with strength and a lot to do with ball contact, angle of attack and the sharpness/depth of your grooves. My wedge grooves are consitantly filled with the cover of the ball I just hit because I hit down on the ball.



If thats your situation I don't blame you for moving your ball.

Hitting down on the ball...I'm jealous V...That's like the holy grail of technique for me. Not gonna find it lol.

One good thing about a shitty economy is the reduced green fees. Lots of deals out there to get more people to come out.


I remember this article. That dude has some pretty impressive lifts from what I remember. And he hits the FUCK out of that ball.


Haha it's really not that hard, if you setup properly and swing properly, it happens pretty much on it's own.

What is bothering me lately is that I am coming to the realization that I am never going to be an elite golfer. I mean that in the way, I am never going to quit my day job and make money playing golf. For a while I thought it was a possibility.

The cold hard fact is that I started too late, live in the wrong climate (can't play year wrong) and have too many obligations to change the second of those factors. What I have found tough is I am a really good teacher of the game. I have people actively seeking my advice when there are several players who routinely score better than I do.

And when I bring them to the range, withing 10 balls I have them hitting the ball beutifully. Of course the next time I see them they have forgotten everything I told them and have reverted to thier horrible mechanics, but I don't get paid so I'm not about to start spending every day after work on the range with people for free.

Consequently, I'm a very very very good scramble player. 85% of my shots in a given round are near flawless, it's the 15% of the shots however that I hit really bad and usually they add at least 4-8 shots per round. For instance, Yesterday at league, 2 swings of the club were what I would call missed shots.

The 2 swings combined added 4 strokes to my score, taking me from a 37 to a 41. 37 is a respectable score, 41 not so much. And so far this year, I have been unable to complete a round without one or two of those bad shots coming into play and really hurting my round. I mean the rest of the holes, it's down the middle, on the fat part of the green, a run at birdie and a tap in.

So when I play in scramble tourneys, my team usually does quite well, for instance I went 8 for 11 last year in tourneys, with 2 second place finishes to boot. This year has been a little down so far, 2 wins, 2 seconds out of 6 Tourneys, but I guess if I win out my last 2 I can call it another good tournament year.



I've thought this before as well, the concentration and psyching up I have to do before a big PR lift has a lot of parallels to the state of mind necessary to sink that crucial birdie or par putt.


Anyone want to post up handicaps?

At my best, when I was playing for the golf team of my school, I got down to a 4-5 handicap. I took a year layoff from the game, and have picked it up again, now I'm at about a 10-12 handicap. It sucks knowing that you were better at some point, but I think I play the game smarter now and with a bit more practice can beat my old handicap pretty handily.