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Gold's Transformation Challenge Jan 8 to April 1


I wanted to share my transformation which completed today. I am very happy with the results.
Age 29
Hight 5 10
Years lifting 11

I was bulking when I heard about the contest so I pushed the bulk a little farther then I originally planned. Got really strong benched 405 for 2 reps video in my hub. I have dead lifted 405 for 8 and squatted 405 for 10 in the past. Not planning on going any higher with the weights my main focus will be physique from here on out. I am planning on entering a mens physique show in late July.

Weight Waist Hip Thigh
B 250.4 45 45 27
A 191 33 37 23.5

This was an extreme attempt to cut my body fat and required 100% commitment to my diet and training. Being that I was struggling to maintain 250 I was able to lose close to 25 lbs the first month. I only cut calories the first 6 weeks to 2200 from clean sources. Ate the exact same thing day in and out.

B. Carton of egg whites with 1 cup oats stevia and cinnamon
M2. Ground turkey .5lbs with sweat potato. Last 6 weeks asparagus
m3. same as 2
m4 same as 2 and 3
M5. 12oz white fish with spinach or Broccoli often 1lb of either
M6. If still hungry 1/2 cup oats

Training following Blood and Guts
cardio 45 min steady state every day raising incline from 0 to 12 percent and then repeating until time over. Last 6 weeks raised Cardio to 2 session and 1hr each. raised until 10% every 2 min then left at 10 for 10 min then 12 for 16 to 20 then back to 10 for 10 and then back down every 2 until time was up. Last 4 weeks I would add sprint sessions when I felt like my shins ankles could handle it.

ECA stact 2 X on Training and none on weekends
Yohimbine hcl at 10Mg before Cardio Last 4 weeks.
L-Carnitine before cardio
HumaPro if I felt I needed something more. I also did pulse fasts for the last 3 weeks on tuesdays and Thursdays with humapro.
10 mg fish oil a day first 8 weeks
4 CLA caps first 8 weeks
Minimal protien shakes would grab a issopure if I was feeling like I needed it after my training.
Drank a gallon of green tea a day, coke zero if I wanted something sweet.

Had a cheat meal every 3 weeks. Even this was not gorging but clean just something different.

If I ate out it was either Sharky's for their power plate with brocolli and yams or fish dish for their brown rice steamed veggies and salmon.


before back




after back


Awesome change! Gonna be great to see you ride into the July show and compare those pics as well.



Thanks Stu. I am hoping that will give me enough time to cut the additional fat and allow me to slow down the muscle loss I know I had being so calorie restricted with so much cardio. Planning on going back to around 2200 to 2400cal and adjusting cardio to interval sprints 30-45min 4 days a week to begin with. I think I only need to drop about 12-15 pounds to be ready. I just hope I can preserve muscle, especially in my legs where I feel I took the largest loss.

If anyone has any suggestions on ways to cut fat while maintaining lean mass once approaching 10% and sub 10% body fat I would love to hear them.


WHOA! Great job!




Fantastic result. Could be two different people.


Lol, my wife said the samething. She was like I know you were worried about your tattoos but without them they may not believe it is the same person.


Hey wanted to share my mentor/coaches facebook page for anyone near gold's north Hollywood. His name is Dan Fine. Here is his page. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002979946002&ref=ffa

He competes in the masters heavy weight class, he isn't a pro yet but is going for it this year. He trains and coaches many clients male and female that compete. He recently prepped the bikini competitor that won overall at the excalibur.

I used him weekly to help asses my progress and plan diet and training adjustments. I had only dreamed of losing 50lbs over the 12 weeks but with his help I lost 59. I met with him today to discuss doing a phisique show in july and he said I probably will have to drop another 19-20 which will land me between 170-172. This is really messing with my head as I haven't been that weight since high school. I think there is a show july 23, the weekend before my 30 birthday, that I am going to sign up for. That will give me 15 weeks to take off the rest of the fat and get absolutely pealed.

If anyone has competed in men's physique and has any feedback recommendations on training or areas I should work on please feel free to share them.


Fantastic job - very impressive! : )


Keep in mind that Physique divisions don't want you shredded to death. If you're already fairly lean at ~190 lbs, you may not need to drop all the way down to 170 onstage. I hate to prognosticate, but I'd venture closer to 10 lbs than 20 if I had to put a # on it.



We'll have to look at it along the way. I would be happier the heavier I was if I could still look stage worthy, it is still a ego blow to think I need to go so low. That being said I am much more happy with the way I look and feel at this already much lower weight, so I am going to give it a shot and take it as far as needed.




It's amazing what a difference leaning out can make.



You look great man. But I gotta break up the bromance for a second and give you a little constructive criticism. I think your legs/glutes could use a little bit more work. I personally think they are comparatively small even in the before pictures. After your July contest you might want to focus on that a little more.

Good luck!


Thanks for the feedback. Ham strings was something I was really focusing during my bulk. I definitely agree that legs need more size. I don't know if you noticed but I lost 3.5 inches off of them over the 12 weeks. It wasn't all fat so they did take a hit with all of the cardio.

I am stoked that people think the change is so dramatic. I think most people are rating my transformation with an 8 or higher. I know that just rating my phisique I would be lower.

The contest in July will hopefully severve as a learning experience and provide me with specific areas needed to improve on. Not expecting to win that, but feeling pretty positive about This gold's thing.


Yea man I did notice that. It was definitely a good idea to do the cut when you did. A lot of people will cut long before 250 so it was wise for you to wait. Your whole front side is beast-mode so I would definitely bring up the legs for your next run.


Excellent work.

Were you eating sweet potato's with meals 2,3, and 4? What was the portion size?