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Golds Hates PL


A group of powerlifters and myself (I compete in figure but train those movemnts as well) were kicked out of Gold's Gym.
Get this: the regional manager found 3 bars 2 power, 1 okie and gave them away to another member!
He didn't want to pay for them so he gave the guys this a-holes phone number and let them handle it. This guy named MIke hung up on them when they called. All they said was that there had been a mistake and they wanted the bars returned.
After going round n round, threatening law suits and calling the police and reporting them stolen FINALLY this Tim Rabier m.f. agreed to submit it to corporate and get us compensation.
He cancelled all of our memberships. All I did was call him and ask who I could contact at corporate!
His name is Tim Rabier he is the regional manager for Gold's Gym.
When we joined and got permission this gym was a franchise. When corporate took over, some of the corporate shirts seemed glad to see us training and we told them we had our own bars. They even asked what other equipment we would like to see brought in!!
Golds Gym is a disgrace to lifting and our athtletic community.


Gold's Gym in Scottsdale is the same way. I left before they could kick me out. I used to drag my chains in there to piss them off. They also didn't like me using bands or "setting the weight down too hard" on deadlifts.


Oh, the new gym I go to, has the slogan "It's for everybody."

If they ever try kicking me out for some bullshit, I'll throw the slogan back in their face.


Today's gyms would rather train people who sit on machines talking on their cell phones than real lifters.


I plan on pissing the hell out of the buck fifty "trainers" at the gym I'll have to train at over the summer.

Yes, it's a deadlift.
No, I won't "set it down" more carefully.

ps: fuck gold's


I train at a Health Club but the guy who runs it is a huge meathead.

And I mean that in a good way.

He uses chalk, makes tons of noise when he trains, squats rock bottom, does cleans, and he doesn't give a damn what you do.

The only bad thing is there are so many benches and Hammer Strength machines that I don't have hardly any room to do power cleans, snatches, and overhead squats.

Corporate gyms suck.


He took your bars. That's theft. The fact that he gave them to someone else doesn't matter. He stole them from you.
The guy that got your bars probably wasn't involved in the original theft.
He would have been "a good sport" if he had given them back to you. But there's no law to say that you have to be a good sport.

This Tim Rabier character sounds like a weak man. He doesn't have the common sence to NOT give away stuff he doesn't own. Then he doesn't have the balls the ask them back, he instead gives you this phone number so you can sort it out.
But when that doesn't happen, he decides to kick you guys. He's allways looking for the easy way out. Don't let him get away with it. Take it up with someone higher up. Be prepared though, he's prepared to lie to cover up his actions. Because that's the easy way.



Where are you in Missouri? Where are you going to train now?


I agree, Gold's Gym suck!!! The late Joe Gold would be mortified to see what has happened to his creation. Franchising has officially killed Golds.

It's all classes, machines, and people talking on the %#$&% cell phone. One numbnuts was actually on the leg extension machine, doing "reps" and talking on the phone. I am moving to Powerhouse Gym in Yonkers, where old school muscleheads and lady muscleheads can still lift in a real gym.


There certainly are laws about receiving stolen goods.


I talked to a guy here the other day and he said Gold's was doing the same thing here. No Grunting, No chalk, No clanging weights.

I guess its a bunch of armchairs, phones and bon bons now.

I'm going to feel the need to make shitty comments about this to anyone that will listen. Sell out jack offs!


So pretty much no working out. That's horshit.

I'm going to have to find a gym over the summer. I'm not looking forward to it...but I just don't have enough shit at home.


That's a raw deal about $1200-1500 worth of bars being "donated" on your behalf. But all these stories about gyms mistreating there more hardcore clientele cuts to the heart of what the health club business model is about: sell expensive long-term packages to people who will never use them (or use them minimally). That is gravy customer in this business, not powerlifters or anybody else who is actually going to be in there 3 or 4 times a week, and certainly not anybody who is going grinting over in the rack looking crazy with a bunch of iron on there back and chalk all over the damn place.


I'm gym shopping now. I live in St. Lou. West County Health & Fitness is cool about real training is the only gym I've found with glute ham raise. But its 35 mins from home. Probably worth the drive so I'm testin it this month.

Corporate gyms don't have to suck. But they choose to. The other day when a kid got his dead someone from the cardio area across the gym was clapping.


Check out Alpha Strength in Festus, MO. It's my home gym and it is where Jeff Lewis trains. PM me if you want the phone number, directions, etc.