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Gold's Gym Sense of Irony


Here is a picture I took yesterday inside the locker room of my local Gold's Gym here in Japan.


You gotta love these guys and their sense of humor.

If that is not taking good care of your business and ensuring a steady flow of customers I don't know what it is.


But do they have a pizza night each week for their customers? :slight_smile:



any Tootsie roll give aways?


Pffft, bagel gyms are for pussies. Free pizza and tootsie rolls are a must for any hardcore lifter.


my Golds doesnt have Bagels, pizza or tootsie rolls... What a rip off! I love tootsie rolls


If your place doesn't have such "healthy" choices, they are screwing you up, guys! Plus, we "only" pay $115 monthly to use the facilities (bagels not included). An amazing deal, isn't it? :frowning:

And don't get me started on shipping costs and customs for the Biotest stuff. Last time I paid $80 just in shipping and $50 in taxes. Still, way cheaper than buying the supplements locally.