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Gold's Gym Pros & Cons


I've never been to a Gold's Gym before, but one is opening up not too far from my current gym. Are there any pros/cons that you have noticed at Gold's? I know they require a 1 year contract and aren't open 24hrs. On the other hand, it's Gold's Gym and actually cheaper than the place I go to currently.

Comments? Opinions?

Just curious...


The Gold's where I live has "fit happens"

10 bucks a month and no contract.


I go to a decent Gold's. Has all the facilities, except a power pack (but does have a squat rack). Hours are OK, weight room is rarely crowded, can't complain. Maybe not hard-core, but not awful like Planet Fitness either.


I go to a Gold's Gym and I know the ones around here are franchised so if a group of gyms are owned by one owner they differ from those in a different location and owned by a differetn owner. So I can only imagine that the gym you go to would depend on the owner.
I know that my gym was recenting sold to someone who had a few other Gold's gyms in the area and that owner brought in all Hammer Strength equipment which I found was a good thing. However the hours changed from being opened 24 hours to being opened between 4am-12midnight. I think it all depends.


PROS--multiple locations, sometimes you can have the place to yourself (Friday Evenings, fair amount of hotties

CONS--they have redone them all to "metro" standards so it is more of a Starbucks with weights kinda vibe--people stare or complain if heavy deadlifting, slamming weights. Too many frat dudes doing curls in the squat racks, music is the soundtrack to Gay. Many are lacking belts (adding extra weight to chins/dips) or have no power racks. Mandatory old naked guys in changing room blow drying and combing hair while buck naked----seriously? can't put on f-ing boxers while you do that.


The one I went to in Cali was open 24 hours. I don't know about the fees because I didn't pay. I just sort of walked in and started lifting for the week I was there and nobody asked anything.

They have lot's of good machines, but by no mean EVERYTHING you would want. And half the shit is broken or about to break. And the people are really fucking annoying. It's by no means a hardcore gym.
That's from my experience.


I've been to several facilities here in the states and elsewhere. IMO, they are pretty hit and miss. I've been to a facility that carries DBs all the way up to 180s and others that only a set of 105s (pfft). It all depends on how the franchise owner is. IME, I've had some of the best training sessions in older run down Gold's than your new fangled pussyfoot Gold's here in central and so Cal. They (Gold's) will get the job done just make sure you don't make waves and get your ass kicked out.

They are not by anymeans a bodybuilding oriented facility anymore. They cater to everyone and would rather kick your ass out and keep their forever fat members happy because they make up 99.7% of their members. My next pilgrimage is to the REAL bodybuilding Mecca, Metroflex. I've got to reach "Big Man" status to be worthy of setting foot in there and using the same equipment the Texas greats use.


Hmm.. sounds like theres a wide aray of how these places operate. I really like the "hole in the wall" gyms. The place I go to now has a basement area (tucked away from the treadmills and smith machine) with a power cage, a few benches and plenty of freeweights.

Gold's isn't open yet, but sounds like it is something worth checking into. Thanks guys!


I would definitely check it out when it opens.

My golds in College Station has a squat rack, power rack, dumbbells up to 150, and lots of Hammer Strength machines. I am actually pretty pleased with it.


I used to go to a Japanese Gold's Gym...I don't know if its comparable to where you are.

Pros: Weights heavier than I could handle (up to 150lb dumbbells), largely unused. Great array of Hammer Strength machines. Broken equipment was repaired within a week. Attached supplement store was reasonably priced for Japanese standards

Cons: Lots of unbelievably gay guys loitering around the men's changeroom. Although, I'm a heterosexual guy who loiters around girl-populated areas, sometimes to the extent of being a borderline stalker, so I guess I'm being hypocritical here.


The one I have near me has 4-5 power racks, lots of HS machines, DBs to 150 and actually quite a few really big dudes.

I'm looking forward to moving there when I outgrow my free school gym.


I have had very good experiences with Gold's, and I am not far from the Mecca in Venice and been able to train there on occasion. Very inspiring, you see some serious people pushing weight there. Hopefully you will get some good employees working there.


I have been to several different Gold's in MI, TX and NY. As others have said, depends on the owners and when they opened for their general feel. That said, I have always found power cages and DBs up to at least 130. I think I have seen big dudes and gals at all of them as well. I really do not care what the other clientele is focused on if I can find what I need.

I worked out at Metroflex (the new Plano location) recently and had the place to myself. Different vibe than Gold's for sure. Not altogether better or worse. Different. Reminded me of the old Deware gym at A&M (which is a good thing).

Funny thing now is I may have to switch gyms to find one with a better daycare setup. How priorities can change...


The Best place in my opinion, who want to train for real!

I live half the year in Sao Paulo - Brazil (where I was born), and other of the year in the U.S..

In Brazil we have only 3 Gold's Gym, and I confess that all the Gold's I was in the USA are much better than the Gold's in Brazil.

My favorite is the Gold's Gym in Venice Beach.

Of course it is only my personal opinion, and this choice depends on each one, I believe that USA has the best of the world's Gym with an incredible variety, it's more or less like the food in Sao Paulo - Brazil (which you can eat any kind of food of different origins, such as japanese, italian, famous Barbecue, Indian, Cuban, Mexican, Jamaican, Chinese, Portuguese food and etc, any time of day or night).

However, this does not mean that Japanese food is better than the Spanish or Mexican food, simply, are different.

At some time you may want to eat Italian food, and other time want to eat American fast food, and there is nothing wrong with that ...
So, look and visit some colleges and look for what suits you.


The Golds in College Station is one of the best that I've ever seen. It's a franchise. Very hit & miss. Still, they tend to be better than most franchise gyms in the fact that they focus on weights and have less fluff (courts, pools, etc) than other mecca gyms.


not sure what youre talking about but im pretty hungry now


I work at a Gold's Gym in Ga and we just moved, so when I came in on Thursday morning I got all excited when I saw they added a second power rack during the move.

We now have 2 power racks, one squat rack, 3 smith machines, 2 lat pulldown/seated row cable stations, 2 flat bench presses, 2 incline bench presses, 1 decline bench press, several hammer strength pieces, 2 cable crossovers, and of course machines as well as more cardio equipment than will ever be used.