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Golds Gym Members and ASF Health Clubs

has anybody been ripped off by ASF intl health clubs or anything.

i noticed today that 29.95 was pulled out of my acct and by googling it I found something where somebody mentioned being ripped off by that company and then Golds doesn’t have anything to do with them.

I have a membership to Koloseum (formerly golds) where I paid cash straight up so they should NOT be taking money out of my acct.

any help is appreciated.

I had this prob with a gym as well. I’m becoming less and less a fan of letting people dip into my checking account.

Dispute the purchase directly with your bank or credit card company. The burden of proof is on ASF to show your bank/credit card company that you authorized them to pull the amount.

If you paid up front why do they have your account details?

This has happened to me but with a phone company, you need to contact your bank and they can handle it for you. They did for me an it saves you a lot of time an stress. But if you have been ripped of by say a hacker or somethings some times the bank will refund the money for you because you have no filled in the paper work for this separate company to take money out of your account.