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Gold's Gym Fitness Poll WTF?!


I was going to the Gold's Gym website today to look at some of their t-shirts and saw this fitness poll on the front page. What the hell is happening to this world? Did Larry Scott give a shit about a smoothie bar? Did Arnold love to hangout in the cardio theater? Was Frank Zane really going to the gym so he could sit in the hottub with the 78 year old ladies that just got done with jazzercise? Terrible...



That's funny...



I work out at an Air Force Base and they just redid the cardio area. Every treadmill/elliptical has a bunch of cables run down from the ceiling to it, with huge monitors attached. I'm assuming they are tv's, but I'm too disgusted to even step foot in there anymore.


Why is it bad that they want to poll their customers that do not resemble Arnold or Frank Zane in any way?

Don't answer it if it does not seem like you benefit from it. If enough people who visit the site do not vote they will know it and figure no one is interested in those changes.

I did not vote.


I just thought it was weird that they didn't even have any sort of weightlifting equipment listed to choose.


I gotta admit, I go in the cardio theater if I need to hop on a machine to get my blood flowing a bit before training. It sure beats listening to the same music over and over again without bring an MP3 player.


Next time you go in tell them you didn't like the options and fill out a suggestion card and tell them what you'd like to see more of.

I complained about not having kettlebells for the fee I paid every month and within one month there were kettlebells available. Kinda made me feel like I was being listened to and that they cared about customer satisfaction.

It also made me quit caring that the same 12 songs are always playing on rotation any time of day or night I happen to be in the gym.


well, amenities usually refers to extra things (the hot tub, the pool) that are provided in addition to the main thing (the weightlifting equipment). if a hotel had a poll, would they list "the bed" as a favorite amenity? probably not, as its the main reason for the hotel.