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Gold's Gym: Douche Bags


Who here has had trouble with these douche bags? Well, I have major shit storm is going down for about the next month.

They offered me an option to freeze my account if I moved with proof to a location (college) without a Gold's Gym. Well, I moved, they ended up charging me for nine months without a single use (without my knowledge the first month), then I sent them the paper work again. I lost my credit card, so I canceled my card, gave them my new information and established my account was frozen. I find out 9 months later they have not frozen account and have eight charges to a closed account.

I pay off that and my membership runs out and I cancel it. Next month another charge to the new card. Wonderful people the whole time they lied, baited and switched, charged without consent even though I had the papers to prove the gym manager canceled my membership.

Plan: Be fucking rude, I'm going in bare foot, chalking everything up, and leaving shit everywhere. Gonna make noise like a rhino in heat, slam weights, and scare the soccer moms.

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Get your money back before carrying out the "Plan"!



think about taking action with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). I had a similar situation with Bally's. They charged me for someone else's account. A family friend who is a lawyer had to get involved before they would refund my money. But filing a complaint with the BBB did help too. Best of luck. That stuff is frustrating


Do this, and then drop a big steamer right in the middle of the gym!


Golds is notorius for that. be sure you keep good paper records of everything that happened.

My suggestion for the plan. Do some snatches and violently drop the weight from above your head. Screaming "this is my house" is always a plus.


this happened to me at ballys years ago. They were reluctant in letting me cancel (same deal - moving) so I went to the corporate office and canceled there. I think they cared less, being franchises and all, because they weren't as intimate with my money as the local branch.


The BBB is useless IMO.

Dropping a big steamer in the middle of the gym might be interesting.

But if you want to do things the right way, utilize your credit card company like a smart man. They have HUGE fraud and dispute departments for a reason... Call up the customer service and get the right address to submit a dispute (in writing.) Provide as much documentation and details as possible. Once the credit card company receives your dispute, they do the rest of the leg work for you. They'll contact Gold's. The burden of proof on all credit card charges is always on the vendor. If they can't prove that the charge is legitimate, they'll charge-back the company and you'll get your refund.


Hold on.......This could be interesting


I had a similar situation. I cancelled my account with them (I was out of contract) and paid whatever I had left owing.. a couple months later they are calling saying that I still owe money.. I tell them what happened and this was there exact words "well... the employee must have made a mistake.. but you still gotta pay".. I told them that wasnt my fault.. well a month later they start calling again.. I had moved out of my parents place at that point so they kept bugging my parents (even though my parents told them that I didnt live there and had already dealt with the situation).. They would call a couple times a day..

My mom pretty much told them that if they called again she was gonna charge them with harassment.. they responded with "well I guess we will just send this to collections then"..
After she told them that if they did that I was gonna sue them for messing with my credit they ended up leaving me alone... haha

I love my new gym.. No contract and cheaper.. and the owner seems to be more in it because he likes running the gym and not so much he wants to get rich..


here's a rule I go by to make my life simpler and more rewarding.....

never , EVER .....and I mean ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NEVER.....authorise monthly access to a bank account/credit card for contracted services

(legal services might be the only exception .....well , just because if you need legal services , the lawyer calls the shots;( )

I know nobody asked for advice , just thought I'd throw that out there


X2 on the steamer in the middle of the gym or the hall to the womens locker would also be classy.


Schmea, You ain't gonna do shit ... I appreciate that you need somewhere to vent and this is the perfect place to do it. Man, straighten everything out, talk to the BBB, get your money back, if all else fails, provided you have records of all you claim, threaten to sue, they'll be quick to make amends. Don't sink to a low level, you just bring yourself down.

However, if you feel the need to vent some more ... don't hold back :slight_smile:


Hold on.... the "Plan" brought 'bodyfat shoe guy' out from the depths of T-Nation. Holyshit this is gonna be good.


steal plates to the value of the money they owe you.


LOL, that's a strong man workout on it's own.


Man just go drop the steamer but before that go do a full body workout and leave as many plates out as you can. Golds Gym are definately con artist around here too.


I had something similar happen, not exactly the same, and I made a call notifying the manager of the place that I called and filed a report with both the BBB and State Attorney General's Office. He thought I was bluffing, but not so much when I faxed him my report right then with him on the phone. He tried to pull my bitch card and I checked him on it. He refunded all my money and the charges stopped. There is an Italian saying I grew up to appreciate, "Sometimes you have to show your balls."


Spit my coffee laughing...


Had a similar experience with Bally's. It's great when the credit card company fights for you.

Now I don't pay for gym membership in credit, only cash.


I don't understand why more people use this. Even if I'm under contract for a company I tell my card company to give me a new number and no longer accept charges.