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Golds Gym Deluxe Olympic Bench


I know generally Golds Gym branded stuff is something to stay away from but this bench seems sturdy and strong. Anyone have any experience with it? From a search of the internet it seems this was produced in the 80s or 90s, but that's all I could gather. I'm most interested in how much weight it can handle.

4 pics below


It’s steel. With a modulus of elasticity of 29 MILLION psi, all you need to know is it’s stronger than any man will ever be.


By inspection of that photoset I see what look like four bolts that attach the backrest beam to the uprights. Those are going to carry effectively all the load when you are pressing, transferring it to the uprights via shear.

I have to guess, let’s call them half inch bolts.
Area of a circle is pi R squared. Each bolt has about 0.8 square inches of steel for a total of 3.2 square inches. Whatever you press plus something like half your body weight will be acting in shear on those 3.2 in^2. Let’s call that…500 lbs on a good day?

Force = load/area so 500lbs / 3.2 in^2 = 156.25 psi. I don’t have a book with me but a quick google search puts a single half inch bolt around 900lbs shear capacity.

You’re “golden.” Pun way intended.