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Gold's Gym Closes at 10pm


The reason I went to Golds is because they have the best gym set up, the better equipment for heavy lifting, no frilly bullshit and the fact that they stayed open until 12am for the person who does not maintain a regular schedule. All the BS gyms here close early during the week and now so does GOLDS.. I do not get off until 9pm during the weekdays due to a pt job. WTF!!!!!!


I suggest switching to a YMCA, volunteer at the YMCA then sneak in at night and workout there (if that is possible).

OR, if you can volunteer at Gold's Gym


Yeah, my Golds closes at 10 M-T, then 9 on F, 6 on Sat, and 5 on Sun. It's the best-equipped gym out of my three, but the hours could be more convenient. Oh, well, I got a special, $20/month, so I can't say too much.


For San Diego,

the Gold's opens a 7am and closes around 10 or 11 weekdays, worse hours on weekends. I do like the outdoor section that is available at Gold's because of the weather we have here. Kind of like Muscle Beach.

thinking about joining the World's Gym in San Diego, has shit loads of equipment and better hours than Gold's, but it is 20minutes further away which I hate.

Urban Body, the equipment is too crammed into a small dark space. Power house was pretty dirty and above a Kinko's so heavy deads or dropping DBs from chest gets you a lecture. so I quit it. I just stick to 24 hour McGym because of hours and availablilty.

Any TNation guys in San Diego?


I live in San Diego, but actually in the east county so i don't really know where any of those gyms are. I go to Pure Fitness in El Cajon because it is a few minutes from my house. They close at 10pm during the week and 8pm on sat and 7pm on sun. They do have a good selection of free weights so i'm satisfied.


just buy a bowflex.....


you guys have suck ass gyms
My gym is called
* All around 24 hour gym *
and yes Open all day all Night baby!

Florida is where its at

even though lol who works out at 3:00am ?
I actually went once at 1:30am and me and 1 guy where the only ones there lol

besides 2 people who work the all night shifts at the gym.


My Gold's Gym used to be open 24 hours during the week. Then, because they couldn't keep reliable staff at night, that switched to closing at 12 mindnight, amd opening at 4am... what is the point in closing for 4 hours? It sucks because now that I work 2nd shift I could really use a 24 hour gym.


I would rather my gym open at 10 p.m. untill the morning than close at it, that is bullshit. Start a letter writing campaign...? Or use the suggestion box. I'm sure either would be tremendously successful.


Now they are doing a 14.99 a month no contract deal. JUST LIKE all these other littl bullshit gyms are doing now adays.. I also heard a rumor that they are getting rid of the "heavy weights". WTF!!!!!!!


it wont solve the hour problem, but if you have trouble finding gyms with heavy weights, look for a local college rec center, anyone can get a pass and they always have lots of nice equipement.


National Fitness Center....24 hours a day!!


So now, the Gold's Gym I go to has more rules to make it a "nicer" gym.

NO Chalk
No Powerlifting
No Intimidating others
No grunting or loud noises while lifting
No homemade tanktops, the proper gym attire list is hilarious!
The list goes on....

Oh and we had DB's up to 145..they are gone... and now they only go as high as 85's!
There were designated areas to DL, gone! Rumor has it, one Golds gyme here actually got rid of the 45lbs plates..


In London ON

The Golds Gym here has great hours. But there setup blows. You can't use chalk. The weight area sucks. Its so tightly packed in you trip over others. But then the cardio equipment is all nicely spread out and looks great. They even have a cardio theater where you watch movies and do cardio. There were no power racks or anything for heavy lifting just one squat rack.

It also sported a pool and daycare and tons of yoga rooms and football training center. I was lead around by some dick that told me lie after lie about all the stuff they were going to have in the next week or 2 including a power lifting area for people who love the barbell. I check with friends after a few weeks. There is no such thing. Yeah makes me wanna join. Think I will stay where I am.


I am in San Diego, I go to the Bally's in National City. It is less than a mile from my house. They have decent hours and are cheap. There is only one squat rack and one power rack but I am one of maybe three or four people I ever see in them. Sadly, the racks are the only place to deadlift as well.


i live in san diego. i lift at san diego state. they are 24 hours except on saturdays when they close at 11pm but then they open at 6am on sunday or something. sweet gym, 37$ a month for non students, 18$ a month for students.


lol no Powerlifting? wtf does that mean?
Like, if you do a heavy deadlift are they going to kick you out.

I go to a small 24 hour fitness. I go in the morning when there are only a few people. Its nice that its open 24 hours, since my sleep patterns are funky.


I bet 24 hour fitness would save ALOT of money if they werent open 24 hours they basically double there electric bill because of that.


I'm in San Diego as well. For the past 7-8 yrs I trained at the Ballys in the Scripps Ranch area, it used to be a Golds Gym before Bally took it over. I was okay with that because they kept all the equipment. As of last Oct though, they shut down. Sucks, I loved that gym. It was never busy (lack of business, is probably what shut them down) and they had all the free weights I could ask for. Oh and yeah, they closed at 11pm as well.

Currently, I train at 24 in the Miramar/Mire Mesa area.

Oh and...

b12sblue2002 - if you get the chance to check out that World Gym, I'd like to hear your impressions on it.


I went to the World Gym in August during a supplement expo, met Jay Cutler again.
The gym is located off of the 5 at the Garnet Ave exit. The main floor is kind of split up into two main areas, one larger one that has lots of leg/back/chest type machines, and another area that has smaller machines and cable for arms and shoulders, some legs. multiple racks etc for squatting. I liked things like donkey calf machine, pullover machine, the old fashioned standing shoulder lateral machine, some good leverage equipment.

the 2nd floor has cardio equipment, and a heavy bag, speed bag area.
The 3rd floor of the building is a crossfit gym and there is a huge ramp outside the gym leading up to it. I didnt go in there though
2949 Garnet ave, SD, CA 92109 858-272-3400
Day $10
2wk $40
1 month $50
3mos $100
1yr $300

I can't remember their hours though, but thought it was better than Golds on sports Arena. something like 5am to 11pm or thereabouts.

It would probably be a good idea to go there for a week and run through your workouts and see how it feels to see if they have all the equipment you want, but atmosphere has got to be better than the 24hour in hillcrest.
I like the 24hr at Balboa better.

Sandra Blackie (ex pro) has a counseling office selling training and nutrition.

"619" muscle is co-located there, Pete Ciccone is the owner, met him a few years ago before he opened it. Pretty cool, they sell a big variety of stuff, beverly proteins, Milos Sarcev Kolosseum amino loading stuff.

Saw Derek Farnsworth training some lady there. that dude is short.

I just cant get there on a regular basis and take the easy way out and work out on base most of the time.