Golds Gym bans deads/power cleans?

I currently work out in a small gym that has plenty of free weights, power racks, very few machines, etc. Unfortunately I’ll be moving in a few weeks. I’ve searched the area around my new apartment and the only gym I can find is a Golds Gym. I’ve already signed up for a membership since there are no other options available. However I’m getting scared because I know some of the big health club type places ban exercises such as power cleans and deadlifts, my two favorite exercises. At first I just assumed Golds didn’t have rules like that, but the one time I visited their gym, the vibe was very machine-oriented and pansy. So now I’m just wondering, to those of you who work out at a Golds, do they ban deads and power cleans, and do they have any other dumb rules like that?

Yeah… golds is very pansy and very full of roided-up bandana/camo wearing ‘big dudes’ whose faces turn bright red doing sets of triceps pushdowns at an speed that coach davies running for his life. Anyways, I do happen to work out at a golds right now (and for only another 2 weeks before I move to Indiana…) and I don’t think they necessarily have banned deads or power cleans yet. I do see one (ONE) other guy in there who does snatches and cleans and stuff like that. He’s also the only one with a +1 second eccentric (no, there is a 60 year old who seems to control it too). But they’ve never said anything to me about doing deadlifts or even ballistic woodchopping exercises on the precious cable machines. Then again, I’m not loud or huuuge so maybe they don’t even notice.

Not at my Golds in MA. It is actually quite conducive for those trying to train with the basic lifts… especially freeweights.