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Goldman Sachs Sold 44% of BP Stock Before Blowout





interesting indeed. coincidence?


Very interesting considering the other major firms only sold a fraction of that. Then again, every crappy thing that happens seems to have a Goldman tie in.


Yes, that does seem to be a recurring theme with them. Even most of my professors in business college all bashed Goldman whenever they got the chance.


ya'll are considering the possibility that Obama and his Goldman Sachs buddies orchestrated this whole mess to shut down US oil expansion?


I have talked to some people who used to be on rigs and they say the whole things is very shady.


To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised at all.

But he's the Messiah so obviously it was all for our good if he was involved. [/sarcasm]


I personally find it amazing the exact same week that Obama comes out and says he is going to allow drilling in the Atlantic and off the coast of Florida.


Wouldn't surprise me if that was indeed the case. Goldman Sachs is on par with some of the most disgusting organizations in history. They are financial terrorists. In fact I would make a case that in terms of overall financial loss and human suffering they are probably worse than Al Qaeda.

But let's get one thing straight, Goldman Sachs isn't just entrenched in this administration but was in the last one as well. And the Clinton administration.

Remember Hank "The Don" Paulson? Bush's treasury secretary essentially took Congress hostage in Fall of 2008 and said "Give me 700 billion dollars or I am going to crash the system". And where was he from....CEO of Goldman Sachs. I could give more examples of Goldman Sachs employees working in government but we all know the story.

Goldman Sachs doesn't just own our government, they are our government.


I agree to a certain point. I will even say that Hank Paulson helped make the biggest competitor of Goldman go out of business. The one they did not bail out. Lehman Brothers.


That's honestly fucking ridiculous. You're the same people that go absolutely nuts whenever 9/11 conspiracy people pipe up.

I guess conspiracies are suddenly "in" with a Black Democrat in the White House.


You did see the sarcasim at the end of the post?


For the record, I don't go completely nuts over any conspiracy bit. From history, it's pretty obvious that governments are all guilty of pulling stunts to sway public opinion in whatever direction they see fit at the time.

If we've learned from the past, I would hope that it's EVERYTHING, and I mean ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, no matter how vile, is possible from those in power.

Just because I disagree with his policies, I'm a racist conservative? My messiah comment referred to the multitudes in the US who still believe this guy is gonna pay their mortgages and buy them cars.

Yea...you're obviously one of those really open-minded liberals.


In other news they got the cap on the pipe today.

And really using the race card?


Yea, I saw that but they're saying the leaks won't stop till the relief wells are done? It's definitely a step forward anyway.

And the race card...what other argument do they have? haha


since he called him the messiah, shouldn't that fall under religious bigotry?


ron22, you're just another run of the mill anti-semite, aren't you? ROTFLMAO!!


You are just a racists for saying that.

In other news the Conservatives have a new come back to the racists comments. "I might be racisist, but You are Gay."


Damn, did I make it that obvious?! hahaha


Yes, the relief walls are next, but it shows that they are really clsoe to getting this contained.