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Golden Triangle

I was just wondering who out there has tried Golden Triangle Labs gear. I just sent an order out for the 500mg/mL EQ, Test 400, Propionate 200 and Deca 300… I also ordered some 15mg dbol caps and 15mg winny caps… Damn well priced too…

I would imagine that the BA content is extremely high, just curious if anyone could fill me in on how that 500mg EQ would feel in my delts…


EQ is the one that should do pretty nice at any dosing. It comes as a gell before its mixed into an injectable and I have heard of UG labs making it at as much as 800mg per cc and people did not complain about injection pain.

The EQ comes as a gel (raw material) because it has a VERY VERY low melting point. It almost melts completely at room temperature. The reason why some UG labs can make such a high concentration is because little solvants are needed to keep the EQ in a solution state.

As for GT, I’ve heard of them quite a few times and they sound promising, but I have never tried their stuff personally. Good luck.

I have steered a lot of bros over the past year to GT and I have to say no one has ever complained.

Thanks for the input guys, I appreciate it! I am done with Mexican gear… Moving on to bigger and better things… If anyone else has an experiences with GT please share them…

They have very good stuff, the 15mg winny caps are the best I’ve ever used. I also just got some Golden Triangle growth Hormone, just started it two days ago.

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