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Golden Triangle Winny

While I am stock-piled up with gear for the next cycle, I was hoping to order some more Golden Triangle Winny. I have recently lost my connection with them. If anyone has a way of getting in touch with some Golden Triangle boys, I would greatly appreciate it. PM me… Thanks…



Looks like you have a bad case of gyno! No seriously nice avatar.

Come on guys!!! Someone HAS to know SOMETHING… Do I have to resort to Mexican shit??


bro, all i have to say is be careful w/ the winstrol…it makes your tendons bigger,but very brittle as well…a complete rupture can sideline you for several months as I’m now going through.


Yeah, I will… I’m planning on running it for 3 weeks after my EQ, masteron, and primo… I’m also thinking about taking some halotestin w/ the winny to really harden up the physique…

Man, no one knows where to get Golden Triangle products from? I guess I’m going to have to go to China and get it myself…


I just finished a cycle with winny, and it feels like my shoulders knees and wrists have cement in them, NPP here I come.

Bump… Someone has to know SOMETHING… 20mL winny, HCG, and T3…

I miss the good ole days when I knew 20 reliable sources…


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Customs is a bitch!!

Ok, I ordered the rest of my gear, did a bit more research and thinking and my cycle is going to look like this…

Frontload: 800mg EQ, 300mg Primobolan

16wk cycle

400mg EQ/wk
300mg Primo/wk
50mg proviron/day
300mg Masteron/wk
50mg Test Prop/day
.75mg femara/day
wk 12-16 adding 50mg winny/day, 25mcg T3/day 125mcg clenbuterol/day, and 5mg zatiden/day (to help the clenbuterol)

I also have 100caps of 10mg Anavar that I might throw in there… and 50 75mg Anadrols that I am thinking about taking but I really don’t want any bloat this time.

I am going to do the Lactic Acid Training for 4 weeks and shed off as much fat as I can naturally… Then I am going to do the German Volume Training for the first 4 weeks of the cycle and see where I am at.

This cycle was well planned out and critiqued… If anyone else has any suggestions to make it even better, please chime in…


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