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Golden Triangle/S. Ontario Lifters?

Putting out feelers to see how many of the folks on the board are from the Southern Ontario region. More specifically, how many people we have living in or near Kitchener-Waterloo.

I know I have a Hell of a time finding decent training partners, and from the complaints I’ve seen on the board about behaviour at commercial gyms, I’m sure I’m not the only one. So let’s put these forums to good use, and see if we can’t get a group effort going.

Like Dr. Ryan said in his “Thanks to Dave Tate and Crew” thread – having people in your corner helps. Let’s pool our knowledge, back each other up to work through palteaus or training blahs, watch each other’s form, and push development to a new level.

At the very least it would be worth looking into group orders through the Biotest site – perhaps we can cut down shipping costs.

K-W boy here.

part time at the moment though, as work commitments take me out of town for extended periods.

No wonder I couldn’t find my own thread… looking for training partners got moved to “Off Topic.” /:expressionless:

C’mon, folks! I know there’s a few more of you out there. Guelph, Cambridge, K-W, Hamilton, and all areas around… chime in!