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Golden Eagle Killing All Sorts of Animals


I stumbled across these videos after reading about the grip strength of a Great Horned Owl which at 500 psi dwarfs the average human man at 60 psi.

The Golden Eagle supposedly has a grip strength of 750 psi. I would imagine with talons and that grip strength a Golden Eagle could squish flesh through its talons like ground beef.

Unbelievably throwing goats off cliffs. Check out the one where it puts its talons through the skull and carries it off by the head.

Killing WOLVES in this video. And for those that say it isnt fair having two eagles on one wolf, the birds weigh around 15lbs the bigger wolf is probably 60lbs at least. Thats like a 200lb man being attacked by two 50lb men.

SMall Deer

Peregrine Falcon not bad either


Haha he fucked that goat up.

Nice thread title, too.


hahaha that is so fake. I would beat a bird's ass.


That bird is fucking HUUUGGEEEE!! It's wing span is nuts man.

LOL are these 50lbs men little zombies with lighting speed and 750psi grip strength?

The talons instantly grip the throat of its prey and squeeze once to kill it. A wolf has one mouth when a bird has a beak and two huge talons that could rip through bone.


Couple of years ago I was walking my dog out in the bush and saw a red tailed falcon dive bomb a rabbit and the sound of the impact of it hitting the ground was incredible. Sounded like someone dropping a cinder block from a rooftop...how their bodies handle the force of that I have no idea.


damn those things are nasty


LOL, yes he did.
with that grip strength, damn I bet that bird could be a great puller.


Seeing this animal fuck up goats and other larger animals with its incredible grip strength makes me feel like a pussy for using straps on deads earlier.


[quote]elano wrote:
hahaha that is so fake. I would beat a bird's ass.[/quote

good luck with that


Good shit. I wish I had a falcon army at my command........


Dissapointed, thought this would be about Tom Platz.


Did I kill this?