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Golden Dead/Squat/Bench Ratio?


Does it exist?

For example:

Deadlift : Squat : Bench press = 1.5 : 1.5 : 1.0 ?

Is it a useful training tool for gauging symmetry in strength?




this question has been posted several times before and it really all depends on ther person. Different bodies are built for different lifts so it depends. Check the search function and you'll find a few threads about this.

But for me personally... I think a respectable BSD 1rm is:
Bench: 1.5xBW
Squat: 2xBW
Dead: 2-3xBW (I'm biased against deads because I am not very good at them)



Arm Length, Torso Length, Leg Length etc... Some people simply are built more for squatting and benching, or for deadlifting, or what-have-you.

There are many other factors which come into play as well.


Sorry to have re-posted same topic, but thanks for the info. So basically body proportions determine your ratios?


They'll determine whether you'll be naturally better at one lift or another, yes.

'Course you could be a great squatter and still blow a knee somehow, and now suddenly your squat is a tenth of your bench press :wink:


Oh thank god, I'll settle for a 950 squat then.