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Golden Arches

What can i do to work on my arch for the bench press. I can only arch my back a little bit and its hurting my perfomance. I see these championship benchers with this huge back-breaking arch. how can i get that?

do you squat and deadlift? i believe that those two excersices performed properly would help to improve your arch and make you stronger. laters pk

Just continue to try and arch harder every time you do a set. You should try to make every set perfect.
Im sure that someone is going to come out with some piece of crap device that is supposed to get your arch bigger, but dont worry about it. If you continually work at it, it will get better. Remember that anyone can arch, but you have to be able to do it with max weight as well.

Get the metal miltia video and learn there set up…if you want to bench big weights there set up is the way to go…get the video and GREAT training partners who can enforce the set up every time you bench…rb