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Golden Age Nutrition?

Like a lot of people I love the nostalgia of the Golden Age of bodybuilding. Especially Arnold, Frank Zane, and, Serge Nubret. The only muscle mags I still buy are the special editions with some of the Golden Era bodybuilders on the cover LOL. Well after readin numerous information on how they train and live, I still have not read very much at all bout how their nutrition was. This intrigues me, and if there is anyone that knows more about this or can post a link I would be very grateful.


Lotta meat, eggs, milk, and dianabol


lots of NO-explode

[quote]cyph31 wrote:
lots of NO-explode[/quote]

LOL thats funny. I’m not stupid I was just curious as to what their diet consisted of, and why that seemed to not be as big of a concern as their training. If you ask me I think those guys look 10 times better than the top bodybuilders today do.

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