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Goldberg Shoulders


i was just wondering how to get big shoulders, what exercises should i be doing? im doing this for just aestetics pretty much.


Reading the site and searching the articles is a good idea.


Took me 5 seconds.


Agreed...Search and look for answers before throwing out questions... As I said in another post I have no problem helping newbs if it's a legitimate question, but not if it's a question that can be answered by doing a simple search.


i wouldn't be wanting goldbergs shoulders they are screwed he can keep em


Start picking people up and throwing them over your head.


well about the search, i wasn't sure what the muscles were called, the exercise to do, or anything so i had nothing to search from


The word "shoulder" didn't come to mind? :slight_smile:


I just searched shoulders, bud :stuck_out_tongue:


I recently posted with similar topic that might help you - take a look



Keep them healthy... it's hard to build big shoulders if you can't lift.


DB and Barbell Presses
Rack Pulls
Lateral Raises

This is pretty simple stuff and can be found in any BB program on this site.


dont worry p-d

most of the guys on here don't realize they are browsing through the 'beginners' forum. don't listen to them. they have big muscles, but peanut-sized brains.

if you go to articles on the left and then most recent articles, scroll down and find the shoulder saver ones, and there are some more too but you gotta go through the list.