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Goldberg! Cheering alert!

Hey Goldberg – thought I should give you a heads up on a thread in the NAAFA board regarding weight limits on female cheer squad prospects. Seems they think the sport should be “dumbed down” to allow fatties. Check it out at www.naafa.org/boards/index.cgi?read=7909

Oh hell naw. ill take care of it.

here is my response to those fat asses. www.naafa.org/boards/index.cgi?read=7953

I just checked out the naafa site for the first time; I’m stunned! These people really don’t get it.

Damn you brider for taking me there. I hate talking to ignorant people.

Braawwhahahah. Good reply. I read a few of their posts. Don’t waste your time they are beyond help. They want you to throw around a 185 lbs. chick I guess. Well you gotta juice now!!!

Fuck those crying, whining, fatass losers.

My post on the NAAFA Cheer Thread:

Hi, I am from the NAASP (National Association for Acceptance of Skinny People) and am not happy about the skinny bashing going on here. Some people have set-points of weight that may be below the average and it isn’t their fault…It is mostly their genetics, you can’t choose your parents right? And some of them have diseases like eating right and exercising…They need help and acceptance, not criticism…

They appear to have removed your response better repost it.

Goldie – it seems all your posts (and any that may have supported your input) have been deleted. Hmmm… Maybe this IS a lost cause.

Well, Goldberg, face it. The sad fact is that they are not too heavy, you’re too small and weak :))) I would suggest to gain 100 lbs and get in shape.

I can only imagine - cheerleading according to NAAFA. I'm cracking up.

Ive spent the last two weeks on other boards with people who are absolute morons but think they know everything. Im not posting anything to them anymore. Let them be fat and weak. It makes me look that much better. I guess if i need to gain 100 lbs to cheer i should ask Drax how to do it. hehe.