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Gold Medal Deadlifts and First Strongman Comp


All kinds of win these last few weeks. Won the strongman comp by a landslide. Just a small local thing though so I don't know if that counts. Didn't get video of the farmer's walk:


Awesome man.

It's nice to see someone at such a high level in powerlifting having fun doing something like strongman too. I think it's easy to get caught up and think that, in order to be the best you can at powerlifting, that's where you have to put ALL your energy. Lately I've been trying to just have more fun with training, to work my ass off and get done what I need to... but in all kinds of different ways, instead of just "squat variation, bench variation, dead lift variation."

How'd you like the strongman comp? would you want to do another one any time soon?


That's awesome Storm! Charlie Sheen is jealous from all the 'WINNING' going on here! lol


Great stuff! They weren't ready for a guy that was going to outlift all the little plates on that deadlift ladder, LOL!


I'll probably do one (and actually train for it this time) in September. I'll probably do a multi ply meet around that same time as well. There is an NAS comp like 30mins from my house then Brute Strength Gym in VA Beach has an SPF meet going sept-oct.


Nice work you made that shit look easy.


Great work man. Awesome to see the strength you've developed get used in a variety of ways.


Intense. On deadlift you could easily get 800.


Congrats, happy that quad seemed to heal up okay for you



Somewhere between deadlifts, bourbon, and burgers you won gold on the world level, and won first at a sport you dont train for.
Any chance you will accidentally enter the olympics in 2016?