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Gold Coast

I know there are some forumites who live in/around Brisbane so I need your help. Planning on taking the family to Gold Coast for a week doing the theme park/chill out thing and one of the travel companies have a great deal, but only time that sort of fits would be mid June. Would the weather be too cold to really enjoy it? Feedback appreciated.

Im from Melbourne but i’ve been mid-year before and the weather was great! It was sunny the whole time. I also just went in December and the weather sucked. Qld has a dry/wet season and the wet season is usually through Australias summer, so i doubt you’ll have trouble with rain. I also got a “3 pass Superpass” to Seaworld, wet n wild, and Movie World. That lets you have a 4th day FREE!!! But if you want to go to Dream World, you have to pay extra! Oh and i forgot to say… Dont go to the theme parks during the school holidays!!! :slight_smile:

Scoobi, thanks, we are planning on getting those passes, did you get the unlimited bus pass? how did that work out? We are umming and ahhing about June or Easter, hols at Easter and main prob with June is that it means the kids have a week off school. What sort of temperature in June, info I had looked about 15-18 degrees, ok for swimming?

Defintely get the unlimited bus pass! I payed $35 for a weeks worth which may sound like a rip off but is actually a damn good deal compared to single one way trip of up to $5… and trust me, you’ll be going EVERYWHERE!!! The place is awesome!!! With the temperature, i think you have the low end of the scale. It still should be in the high 20’s usually… I also recommend hiring surfboards or bodyboards cos that was so cool being in the water in just boardshorts. In melbourne i go in the water with a wetsuit and still freeze my tits off!!! Oh yeah, watch out for all those topless implanted sunbathing chicks!..Absolutely awesome i tell ya!!! :wink:

Yeh its a really nice time of year to go. i live just outside of Brisbane, right on Morton Bay. if you are taking your family its a perfect time. have fun.

I lived on the Gold Coast for 3 years until last June…Its not very cold in June during the winter especially when compared to Sydney and Melbourne. You would usually not need more than a thick tshirt and light jacket. Regarding the theme parks, the best overall one is WB Movieworld as it has rides, shows etc. Dreamworld has mainly adrenaline rides and might not be so suitable if you’re travelling with young kids although there are some exotic animals there. Sea World is ok…not as good as the US ones. Wet and Wild is all water slides etc. A week on the Coast is just nice…spend one day in Brisbane as well. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.

Thanks for the feedback guys, looks like June it will be, sounds like the sort of thing we’ll need as a break from Dunedin at that time of the year. It helps that it will be about $1k cheaper then as well. We can’t wait, the kids haven’t even been on a plane before so a trip to Oz has them over the moon.

Oh, one more thing…If you are comfortable with driving around, rent a car. It’s very easy to drive around the Gold Coast and Brisbane as there are plenty of road signs…and the public transport pretty much sucks. As a student there, I didnt have a car and wasted A LOT of time waiting for the damn bus to arrive. Where are you staying during your trip? Maybe I could recommend some nice and cheap restaurants.

Hey Man, I live about 2 Hours from the Gold coast, and usually go up there about 3 times a year, other then the theme park deal i would recommend Pacific Fair its a huge shopping centre and your wife will be very glad you checked it out. We alway go to the theme parks about time no way is it cold, usually mid to high 20s.Im 16 and i still love going to those Parks ( Your kids are gonna love it ) Anhway man have a good trip and if you have nay other queries just Buzz.