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Hey, who's that georgous woman with the incredible body in your avatar?

I'm sure there are lots of guys here who would like to do a Google image search on her and suggest that she be used for a 'powerful images' picture.

Great work BTW!
You should have saved that for the "PIC Challenge To Everyone!" thread.

You look amazing.




Gee, thanks. Need to work on the wheels though. They are very stubborn, and don't grow easily. I also have long limbs and thus long muscle bellies, so they don't look as impressive. But I'm woking on it. I'll probably get out the sled this weekend for some GPP work and start running the bleachers again at the high school once a week.

I've got the rest of my life to work on getting better.


Oh, and go ahead and Google Gojira for images and see what you get, LOL.
Now THAT would make a powerful image!


Here's something to work up to as far as the wheels are concerned.

Awesome avatar pic too. When will we see a rematch with King Kong? Judging by his last film, he's had some "enhancement".


Damn Hollywood. All their monsters are "enhanced" with CGI.


I am sure it is rude to ask, but I am going to. Any chance we could get a full size picture of your avatar, Goijra?

And do you need like a poolboy or a gardner or something?


I don't have the balls to actually post it here, but it is possible to right click on her avatar, go to "save picture as..." and save it to your computer.

It's a whole lot bigger if you do that...not that I did that, I'm just saying that, I think, in theory, it just might be bigger.

Okay, I have no idea if that works. I definitely did not do that. In fact, just ignore this post.
What post?
I don't know what you're talking about.


I didn't do it, nobody saw me, you can't proove anything!


Speaking of good work demonstrated by new avatars..........

Nice work MJ


THANKS! Goo has been busting my ass! :slightly_smiling:


Right click, "properties", highlight the URL, and paste it in your address bar. I did it, and I've no shame in saying so (though I'd feel creepy saving it).

I was impressed with the musculature, dammit, and I wanted a better look. I'm glad I did. Brilliant! Absolutely fabulous work. Excellent musculature with (imo) an optimum level of definition; not so much as to seem unnatural, but enough to highlight the amount of work that must have gone into building the physique.

My apologies if you didn't want the full-size version seen, Gojira... but really, brilliant work like that deserves some accolades.


Awesome psoas! You must deadlift like a fiend...


G, you are such an inspiration for me! I strive to one day look as powerfully feminine as you do.


Those comments probably belong in the 'sex' forum. But it is nice to know Goo is getting plenty.


Is there some big conspiracy or movement at the moment requiring all the vixens to post new avatars of their good work?

Looking good too Sic!


LMAO--Goo made my current plan. Ya'll are so silly!


Not silly, just that damn imagination of mine always jumping to the sex conclusion. Your posts always make a nice distraction from work for me. Especially the ones where I imagine that just for one day I could be Goo, you would still be you, and, well you can probably work out the rest.......


I'll take that as a compliment! :slightly_smiling:


Shhh! It's an underground thing right now.