Going Wide When Olympic Lifting

hey was wondering if its ok to go wide under the bar instead of droping under it?

I’m assuming you’re talking about the power variants.

It’s better to get in the habit of dropping under than going wide. Disregarding the fact that you won’t be able to progress to the squat variants without breaking the habit, going wide also puts you at risk for tearing or pulling something if you pull something heavy and, for some reason or another, are forced all the way down with it.

There’s really no up side to catching wide. Physically, it’s equally easy to squat down a bit more as it is to send the legs outwards. You just need the confidence to do it.

It’s a bad habit, don’t do it. I developed this habit as a teen, stuck with it for years and now it’s hard to break. For me, I think it developed due to poor ankle and hip flexibility which made it more comfortable and balanced for me out wide. But I wish I would have spent more time fixing my flexibility when I was young. To be fair, I really didn’t know I was doing it that wrong until recently.
On the up side, I never did hurt anything going wide, even with my sick heavy PC’s.

You will either develop a tremendous set of leg adductors or else a tremendous bruised scrotum. Maybe better just to squat.

It’s a terrible habit, and one a lot of people seem to develop because a lot of high school sports programs push the olympic lifts in the weight room without teaching proper technique. Or at least it was that way in my case. You’re much, much better off learning to do it right than to just keep going that way.