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Going to Washington DC. Suggestions?


I'm heading off to DC for work for 10 days and while I don't think I've got a whole lot of free time, I'm looking for some recommendations for a few things. I know I've got a Saturday where I've got nothing to do. What's the 1 day must see/must do list for DC? My hotel is near Woodley Park.


if u haven't been i'd hit up all the monuments... washington monument, reflectign pool, the ww2 memorial, lincoln memorial...

they are all about 1-2 mi from each other in a long row basically...


And as unimportant as art is in this world, check out some of the great paintings in the National Gallery. Seeing a masterpiece in person that you had only ever seen in books is quite an experience.


Its DC go like our politicians drugs and whores.


After the monuments, I would suggest the Spy Museum


Oh and get a big mac from the McDonalds.


I always liked the Natural History Museum...

Also, if you like off-beat historical stories, there's a ghost tour in the park outside of the White House which is pretty interesting and entertaining...


What about strip clubs, I really think that is what he is looking for.


Sadly, there aren't any worthwhile strip clubs in the area. Dumb city ordinances.....There is a decent little "cabaret" in crystal city (Arlington, right across the river). The girls wear pasties and they serve up a decent enough steak.


Crystal City's not a bad place to go either .. I (vaguely) remember a lot of good bars and night life in Arlington


This makes no sense to me. Why would the dancers wear pasties? I mean i love a good pasty but their not suitable for lingerie surely?


They are suitable for lingerire ... and don't call me Surley


RIP, you were alot nicer than I really wanted to be. Pollo school been kicking your ass, you havent been on here much?


Woodley park is nice... if you're looking for nightlife, it's a 10-15min walk from your place to the 18th street bars (I live between the metro station and the bar/restaurant area, so I know your spot well). Just look up the interesection of 18th st NW and Adams Mill Rd on a map - that is the north tip of the strip of bars on 18th street (extends a few blocks south, along 18th).

As far as touristy things, if you want a non-generic recommendation, I thoroughly enjoyed the Newseum (history of news and journalism - basically an american history museum, but told through the eyes of the news mediums at the time). It's not a smithsonian institution though, so it's $20 to enter.

Edit: I often take family there when they visit, nothing but positive reviews.


Nah not really ... I always find that as the semester progresses the easier it gets...

I can't wait for it to be done though, but I got about 2 more years left of this so I can't let the defeatist thoughts crawl up in there nahmean

I wish they hadn't blocked the site at work, that's where I did most of my posting lol .. now I focus on homework while at work :slightly_smiling:


Sometimes having things taken away is the best thing for you. I hate to say it but 2 years will go fast, and then off to the grind of life.


Topical quote! well done!


You funny, ID.


Hey Big love the Avi, that just made me laugh. Did you steal that or is that your offspring?