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Going to Vegas

I will be leaving for vegas in about 1 week. I will be there for a total of about 6 days/6 nights.

I am currently doing CW’s 10 X 3 for fat loss, and T-Dawg 2.0.

I am wondering about what the best way to minimize the damage from the trip will be. I have some Alpha Male and some Carbolin 19 that will be coming with me as well as some bars and some Grow! powder.

Any other suggestions about ways to avoid gaining a whole bunch of unwanted fat while I am there. I assume there will be lots of drinking and food involved.

I went for Labor Day week and went through exactly what you are contimplating right now…and I’m going back for New Years…

I planned on hitting the gym in my hotel 3x for the week I was there, brought Grow! bars, Grow! powder, and HOT-ROX. I figured I would do as good as I possibly can.

Well that went right out the window. I ate about 5 Grow! bars on my flight and that was about it. Never went to the gym, never ate good, didn’t sleep (10hours total in 7 days) and drank like a fish and partied my ass off!

Now this was my first time there, pretty much my first vacation ever so I took advantage of it. I needed the break.

So for you, it depends on a lot of things. If this is your first time like me, trust me, you will forget all about everything while your there…maybe take some HOT-ROX to help ease the fat gain while you are there but just go and have fun. Hit the gym hard when you get back.

If you vacation a lot, go to vegas a lot, then do the best that you can. Try sticking to your diet whenever possible, but honestly I just don’t see that happening.

What you can do which was talked about before going on vacation is to OVERTRAIN the week before so the break will do you good with all the food and carbs you will be consuming. Take that week to rest your muscles, take HOT-ROX and the most important thing of all is HAVE FUN!!!

When you get back, get back to your normal routine and you’ll be just fine. If you are not in a competition, then don’t sweat it. One week won’t kill you as long as it doesn’t snowball when you get back home.

Good luck and have a blast!!! I can’t wait! 36 more days and I’ll be there!!!

Overtrain the week before and then just enjoy the ride. Weather today was a beautiful sunny 72 degrees. Have FUN!!! It’s hard not to here.

You must do the Rio seafood buffet. $35 per person but well worth it. Tip your food and beverage servers!!

Thanks for all of the good tips. I am going to a national convention there, and will be seeing some old friends so i know there will be booze involved. There will also be some free dinners, so i don’t want to miss out on those too.

I didn’t even remember that overtraining tip. I’ll have to try and do that this next week. Its my first time there, can’t wait to see what all the talk is about.

Dude, you are going to have a blast! Trust me, once you get there you are going to forget about training…not enough time in the day and you’ll be having way too much fun!

Just enjoy and get back on schedule when you get home.

I can’t say what to do to help you, but I will say this: It depends on your goals.

The point is, you have to be able to spend that whole week comfortably. If you end up doing nothing, but every moment of the day you fret as if you should be working out/eating, then you’re fucking up.

This is the one problem with a very regimented lifestyle, a la working out/eating right: sometimes vacations stop being vacations.

[quote]PharmD Pete wrote:

Any other suggestions about ways to avoid gaining a whole bunch of unwanted fat while I am there. I assume there will be lots of drinking and food involved.[/quote].

i go to vegas prob once every 4-6 weeks and i always take my Grow! and Grow! bars.

however it’s not that hard to eat right when you’re out there: every major hotel has a diner-type restaurant which will make your meals however you want them. eggs, steaks, steamed vegs, no problem. i actually find it easier to eat out in vegas than anywhere else, expect maybe west LA where health-consciousness is still trendy.

that rio buffet is amazing. so is the spearmint rhino.