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Going to Vegas


I'm leaving for Vegas tomorrow and will be back on Sunday. I'll still answer questions as I'll have my laptop. But expect some delays for today.


Awww... I'm gonna miss you by a day. We could have stalked Jay Cutler together -lol



Damn your wife is hot, but I think I've told you this before on many other occasions, haha.


hey Christian,

is it possible to meet you in vegas ? pm me if its possible (i'd pay obv)



It might be possible. Obviously I'm on semi-vacation and don't know the town nor have a car. PM me.


I thought that you would comment on my guns or great tan!


I had to scroll back up to notice you were in the picture.


Oh there he is...


Yo CT just saw the pic, ye ur wife is hot but out of interest what do ur arms measure? Am guessin between 18-19?


Where are you staying? Hopefully on the main strip and not downtown. If you're staying downtown keep those guns visible so nobody messes with you. LOL


Yeah on a the strip... can't reveal my hotel... a mob might swarm me :wink: Nah, I'm at the Venitian.


No idea. Never measured anything really. The only time I measured them was like 3-4 years ago prior to a contest and they were 18.75" in contest shape.


Ah shit.... nearly 2 inches to go oh well.... best go eat!


That's my wife's and I's favorite place on the strip. We don't get out there much but it's fun. There's a pretty good mexican restaurant that sits on the Canal and you can listen to the boat people sing and stuff.


Protip: If you noticed CT's guns in that picture you failed the ghey test.