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Going to Vegas Next Week


Going there next week (semi-work related, but still plenty of time to have fun). Believe it or not, it will be my first time there. I've been to AC many times, but I'm told Vegas is about 1000x better.

Any advice on what to see/do, where to go, etc? Best casinos? Bars? Attractions?


Its been a few years but I'm a fan of The Olympic Gardens.

Strippers in Vegas are vastly superior to an other strippers you have ever encountered.

nines and tens the lot of them (at the fancy places)


Are the strip clubs still mostly controlled by the mob? I remember reading that since the Corps have took over casinos its the strip clubs that are controlled by the mobs.


lol the mob still exists?


You've seen Casino one too many times.


A former Las Vegan


Thats exactly what a mobster would say...


prostitution is not legal in the city of los vegas. a cop from my state found out the hard way.


There have been some pretty good/helpful threads on LV in the past, see if you can find 'em with the search function.

I just don't feel like typing everything out again, so if you can't find it let us know.


When are you going? I will be there from the 11-16th.

Staying at the Bellagio.

Best casino, traditionally, has been the Bellag.

When you gamble, what do you like to play? However, recently the Aria has taken over and is known for both it's casino (it now has THE poker room in town) as well as it's clubs.

The pool bars are okay - hard rock is good. I hear the Cosmopolitan is pretty sick, so I'll let you know when I get there.

For strip clubs, the Spearmint Rhino is supposedly the best (I've never been). In general Vegas strip clubs are well above most.


Our sexy pirate is correct.

You cannot go wrong with the Spearmint Rhino in Vegas as well, they are really critical of the women they allow to work there.

I think the Palms is probably the best casino to hang out in, also the Hard Rock as well. You might want to hit up the Rehab pool party at the Hard Rock, but I am not sure if they started their summer schedule. I will be there Memorial Day.


Spearmint Rhino was awesome. Those women were beautiful. Must see.

Play a little poker. There will likely be 2-3 players an hour who will dump 1-300$ at even 200max tables.

.... I must save up to go back.


If the OP isn't a decent player, he'll be one of them :wink:

Last time I was there I saw a few people dump 1-2K in less than an hour. If you play right you can make moniez.


I'll be there from the 13th to the 16th staying at Caesar's.

Party time?


I have always thought that Vegas would be the best place for a T Nation G2G.

Bare Pool at the Mirage... yup.




I expect this holds true in vegas just the same as other larger cities. Extortion and "protection" money is pretty timeless.

Exactly. Plus we need more info.

Is the OP trying to see the best shows? The newest properties? The best pool scene? The best clubs? The best after-hours? etc


Shoot me a PM when if you have a chance and let me know what your plans are.


I always wondered about strip club women.

Aren't Eastern European women smuggled around the world to work in strip joints and brothels run by the mob?


Aren't every type and ethnicity of women smuggled or sold to work in some sort of forced labor around the world?

Let's get back on topic. Vegas baby!


Seee im not the only one.