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Going to Vegas in Jan.

Hello T-men and T-Vixen. My buds and me are going to Vegas the first week of January. Some good R & R. So does anyone have any suggestions to some good shows or places to visit in Vegas. We are staying at MGM, so if its closer to that even better. Already making plans to visit the strip joints, so don’t need to tell me about that.

Can’t help you with any shows. But the Hard Rock is a fun place for sure. Hit up the circle bar and the crap tables early in the night. Later you can go to the Joint, they usually have bands playing. Then when the night really starts (say around 1 am) you can head over to Babys where all the women and dancing are.

To Vegas…for R&R…with your buds? LOL Good luck with that! “R&R” and “Vegas” don’t go together. After Vegas, I normally need another vaction to recover.

I think thats were Charles Staley is situated maybe you could go there and see if you could train with him. I bet youd learn a ton.

This question is posted about once every other month, run a search.

Hey that would be a cool idea to be able to train Charles Staley or anyone else in Vegas. I’ll just have to sober up enough to actually hit the weight. Thanks for the rest of the input guys. Keep it coming. Im def. hitting many of the spots you mentioned.

i think your going just in time for the largest porn convention known to man.

that would be nice! Very nice !!!