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Going to Vacation. Working Out?


I am going to mexico for this Sunday 10 days and the only thing that I have is two minibands that I can take. I was reading an article on doing pushups. Here is the linkhttp://www.elitefts.com/documents/30days-2.htm. Is this good to do.(of course something is better than nothing but will I get stronger since I am doing a good workout the WSFSB?

Also can I use bands and add it to the bodyweight template? I can also pull things and push cars Etc or just do bodyweight things. My football season is starting so can I start speed training during the bodyweight workout?

Last question is that I can not eat Like I would like so can I take protein on the plane or will they think it is drugs?


Dude, its a vacation, and its 10 days long, not a year. Stop worrying about diet and working out and just have fun.


x2. There is no need for the bands. If you must do something, go run or do a bunch of pushups and pullups. Enjoy Mexico.



It's your time to relax and see something different and new. Pushups, going for a run or renting a bike and touring around should be all that's on your plate fittness-wise.

Let your brain unwind, you'll be better prepared for the work once you get back.


So the bodyweight is okay?


If you insist on doing something body weight excercises will be fine, maybe the hotel your staying in has a small workout room or somethin you could use. But seriously, like they said, go have fun and dont worry so much about your workouts. What happens when you get sick at home, do you go force yourelf through your workouts accomplishing nothing and possibly doing damage or do you wait on the sickness to heal and then get right back into it? you wait and do something positive on the other end.
Its 10 days man, make your vacation leave you hungry to get back in the gym. Act like its a punishment and you cant wait to get back in there and get after it.


I usually end up walking so much on vacation which offsets eating like crap. If I get bored I'll do some basic calisthenics (pushups, situps) and if the weather is nice I like to go for a run. Mostly though I just do 12 oz. curls on vacation.


thanks for advice i will have fun like you guys said but for future refrence does doing body weight stuff make you stronger like the article says?