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Going to Urologist on Thursday Morning

Hi everyone… I believe I have had low T for around 17 years… Mood swings started when I was 22 and have gotten progressively worse and I am now 38. My relationships are all in the tank, I cant concentrate, I am a horrible employee, I forget what I am doing half the time, horrible mood swings, angry, rage, sad the next or even crying, totally fine the next. I cant sleep, hot flashes like I’m menopausal, the tiniest problems send me over board. I can not talk to my wife or her to me without taking it the wrong way. I am always always tired. I have zero motivation. Even things I used to enjoy I just end up passing on. I have mild depression and anxiety. My erections have dissapeared entirely in the last three months and my sex drive has been absent for 4 years. Now when I look at my wife or another beautiful woman there is nothing there sexually…its like I’m 5 years old and there is nothing… I could not keep an erection for the last couple years. This is not me! I used to be a titan! I worked two or three jobs and had so much energy and my libido was insatiable! I was strong! Now I hit the gym every other day and run 2 miles every day but no gains. I am over weight. It is a terrible struggle to lose weight. Even with my exercise. I eat clean. No processed foods or sugars. My marriage is shit now because of all this. She thinks I am cheating on her due to no intrest in sex. My mood swings have her thinking I’m just an abusive asshat. I thought I was going crazy! I dont even recognise me! This is not me! Its like I am not in control of my own body.
A buddy told me in 2016 it was low t… I thought no way… I went to see my doctor and she told me she doesnt handle that so she sent me to an endocrinologist from India…seemed like a nice guy. He ran a blood test and my total Test was 300 even at 8 in the morning. He told me nothing was wrong…it was in my head…see a shrink…get some anti depressant meds and to lift more weights and eat right… I did all those things and switched antidepressants like 3 times in a year…ruined what I had left for erections and libido. I couldnt get it up even… Made me a zombie…didnt do anything else for me. Wife hated it…stopped taking them…moods swings and all other issues came right back but worse. I was at my wits end and hating life and what I have become when I started researching low T again and found this site and watching youtube videos and the guys talking about their problems with low T and I was like…“Holy shit thats my story! Thats me!!” So I set up an appointment with this new Euro and am scared he wont take me seriously if my tests come back in the 300 to 400 range. If he doesnt help me I will have no choice but to look to doing it on my own…I can not and will not live like this anymore. I am taking my life back…I’m not taking no for an answer anymore… My wife, kids, friends and family and most importanlty …myself…deserve far better. I dont just want normal… I want great! I know its a life long commitment and I am not scared of needels at all…I am ready. I am actually excited! I am also scared that he will deny me. Any suggestions for my visit? How do I get this done? Is 200mg split into two 100mg injections a week a good start? Please help guys…

Your story is my story but I am nearly 2 years out from that so know that everything can change and will change. Why dont we start here with you posting up your full blood work so that forum members can weight in. If your thyroid is fucked then TRT may not work as well.

If you’re in the US there are telemedicine places like Defy Medical who will help you for a couple hundred bucks a month.

I feel like most guys start around 100mg a week and go from there.

@NH_Watts. Thanks man…I was wondering about my thyroid too… But there is this too…overnthe last 17 years I would wake up every couple months and my testicles…one or both…would feel like I was kicked by a mule! I would limp for two or three days and it would get better. By the way…I am 6’ 190 lbs.
Is a thyroid test a seperate thing to ask for? What should I ask him to test for as far my low t?
Thanks again. Edit…I am in U.S… Wisconsin. Just about a half hour south of Green Bay.

Same story here. I’m 41 and had these issues since about early 20s.

Do you have any blood work to share? Maybe its not done yet. But read thru the stickies and see which things you should be testing. The MAJORS are TT, FT, E2 (sensitive test), SHBG, and since you’re starting out, LH and FSH.

Get a thyroid panel done as well. INSIST your dr does these tests. He may fight you on it, but INSIST on it.

Also ask for a script for either Cialis daily or Viagra. No shame in it. My dr. told me about 40% of men take one or the other.

TSH test for thyroid to start. The aching may have been your nuts trying to work. Ive gone through similar my whole life but never to the point of liming. My nuts have always been on the smaller side.

Those are from 2016 when I went to the Endo…

TSH looks great as does T3 and T4. Would be interested to see your LH and FSH to see if the signals are being sent to the testes and they just arent working. BTW a TT of 300 is fucking garbage. I bet your are estrogen heavy too which is one of the reasons for the hot flashes. I used to get them too.

@NH_Watts man! I shave every 3 or 4 days! I cry for no reason! I worked damn hard to get rid of my breasts! You bet I am…I dont know for sure…but I bet I am…

@NH_Watts by the way…what exaclty is FH and FSH?

Yeah dude. That was my story too. Now I have to shave daily, have a thick beard, and have to get my hair cut every 14 days because it grows so fast.

@NH_Watts yea…I used to have great hair… Woukd love to get that back…I started going grey …salt and pepper at 25…hair didnt fall out…not balding…hair is nust thinner…like thebstrands are thin…not thick…

Leutenizing hormone and Follicle Stimulating Hormone. They are hormones sent from your pituitary gland (brain) to your testes to signal the production of testosterone (and other things).

it may thicken up, not sure. If you are prone to MPB then TRT will exacerbate that due to increased DHT levels. But if you’re not losing any hair yet you’ll probably be ok.

@NH_Watts Yea…one thing I do have going for me is no hair loss and I do have a great bone structure. Did a lot of sports and working out in high school and judo in college. Now? I can not make any gains! Im a pudgy smaller version of myself now.

Dude…I lifted heavy for 10 fucking years killing myself in the gym and in the kitchen. I got a little stronger but never made gains and NEVER lost fat. Everything has changed. in the last 2 years. All along I just thought I was being a pussy and not lifting hard enough or watching my diet close enough.

@NH_Watts Holy shit yes! Thats me! Im killing myself and nothing moves!

Just know that once you get corrected the gains will come fairly fast along with the strength. Your muscles are primed to grow…they are just waiting for the signals.

@NH_Watts Thats great to know! I run 2 miles every night after I put my kids to bed to. Five kids man…I can not be this tired, flabby, moody, rage, sack of sad that has no motivation and seems to ruin every family function or dissapoint his wife…I thought I was going crazy…

@NH_Watts before this…I was so oitgoing and loved people and doing stuff and going new places and having a good time and never ever lost my cool and always felt happy…even after a breakup I was pretty chill and understanding…now everything is a major problem and nothing is ever ok…man I miss me…

Evidently i am limited to only 23 posts on my first day so I am adding this here and will be able to talk more tomorrow…but tbis was my next reply to @NH_Watts.

Yea man…my wife actually filed like 2 weeks ago…she is kinda split though…I only talked to her about what I found out about low T and what i am going through…she isnt sure if I am bullshitting her though… We used to be amazing but these symptoms have destroyed our marriage… She is living with a menopausal and pms’ing man all the time now… Hoping she will see the differance and understand what was happening to me and us…