Going to Try Anadrol at Start of Next Cycle

Last cycle I tried D-bol at the start and wasn’t really impressed.Don’t know if it was bad gear or just dosed low.

I would like to try anadrol to kickstart my next cycle

Just need to verify my info on anadrol.

Should not be used longer then 4 weeks(Heard possibly 6 weeks as a max)
Half life is 3 hours
Should be used no higher then 50mgs per day.

Is this right?

My cycle was going to be the Tren/ low test cycle but I just want to make sure it is sound.

Weeks 1-4 Anadrol 50 at 50mgs a day.(should I take it right before workout?)
Weeks 1-8 Tren Enathate.600mgs a week with a 875mg frontload(numbers right on frt load?)
Weeks 1-10 Test Enathate at 400mgs a week with a 650mg frt load)
Letrozole at .25mgs a day from week 1-12(will adjust based on signs if estrogen gets to low)
weeks 12-15 nolva 40-20-20

Just getting ready to order up the gear and would love an opinion.

Last thing on the anadrol.

I can purchase in 50mg tabs or or 25mg tabs(50mg work out to be much cheaper)but I am wondering if taking 2 tabs a day is better then taking 1 tab.

Thanks to all who respond

The information you have read on Anadrol (Oxymetholone) is actually Anabol (Methandrostenolone or Dianabol).

Drol half life is nearer 8hrs, it is dosed from 50-100mgs as the sensible range and as with the other 17-AA steroids it is recommended that it is used up-to around 6 weeks for fear of hepatoxicity.

Drol is officially the strongest oral out there (however this kind of statement is bollocks really - and it was before methyltrienolone came back around anyway) - it swells the prostate more than any other steroid i have used (in amount of swelling, speed and by dose of drug) and it raises BP so much it frequently causes nosebleeds in those who are prone (thin nasal vessels, or existing hypertension) - not me however, Dbol is worse in this regard.

It causes stomach discomfort is some - which at least will restrict appetite - i finf this makes it very nice in helping me achive a full but quality look - added to tren should be very good for dieting in some.

It is not known by which mechanism is gives estrogen-LIKE side effects, but in my experience it is not by acting directly at the receptor as is suspected in some circles.
I suspect it acts at the progesterone receptor - although it is androstan based of course so i am not saying it is a progestin - i don’t know what i am saying :wink:

I find that it does not bloat like the methyl estradiol from dbol does - and i know it doesn’t aromatise.
However AI use while using it with an aromatisable androgen is very important of course - although IME letro seems to reduce its effect somewhat - again this points to some sort of progesterone-like activity somehow.

But again, what the fuck do i know.

It will increase strength and size massively however - and is fucking effective even at just 50mg (if you have a good source) - 100mg will give more, but it increases my prostate a lot more too (Saw palmetto relieves this significantly - although i am not sure if it works to reduce the size of the prostate, act on DHT or simply improve flow of usine through the urethra by some unconnected means)

I like it alot - it makes me happy and lifts my mood and demeanour. It increases my strength significantly (T for example is mild in comparison). It increases size quickly - which can be kept if water and fat is controlled.
I recently gained approx 6lbs of tissue (not bloat and fat - actual) in one short period (2 weeks or so) which i am very happy with (especially as calories were maintenance).

You should not allow price to be the deciding factor in this choice - the brand is very important when buying from regular pharmacies (not so much if going with a tried and tested UG you know and respect) and it is likely to reflect on the quality of product massively.

Drol is one of the few orals that is still in production for human consumption - it is given to AID’s patients to help them keep muscle - as most AAS are (muscle wasting diseases).
Clearly this is the most expensive choice but the best.

So with the information given above, you should change your cycle and re-post.


Brook, how much Saw Palmetto were you taking?

I like to space Drol and DBol out. Drol in 2 daily doses, DBol into 3. Or pulse your orals by consuming a bit more preworkout/postworkout and reduce by that amount on non-workout days (a bit more advanced, but works great especially if you plan on running for more than 4 weeks.)

The general rule of thumb is no more than six weeks of toxic oral. You can run drol for 10+weeks if you desire, as clinical usage of drol is probably 20+ weeks. But people with AIDS have different priorities.
so go easy on the orals (duration wise)

The saw palmetto product i use is…



Per capsule:
Saw Palmetto Oil Extract (10:1) - 320mg (in the form of 85% total fatty acids)
Evening Primrose Oil - 100mg (8% GLA)
Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate - 32mg (providing Elemental Zinc - 12mg)

However i find that with this supplement, it seems to be effective whether you go cheap or expensive… :wink:

So Brook you are running oxy with test? Isn’t that considered a no-no?! Or, does a sufficient AI dose alleviate the sides expected from this combo?

What would you run it with?

AI is more than enough.

Bud not sure exactly just read about the combo having a ‘high-risk’ of sides.

I always thought it might go well with EQ to counter the appetite suppression (if you get that) and if you intend to run it for a significant period of time.

Also often hear of combining it with winstrol which is interesting considering they’re both androgens, both class II’s and both DHT based compounds?!

How much test are you using and therefore how much AI with the 50mg/d?

I am not sure that drol is a DHT based compound - and you will be hard pressed to find a non androgenic AAS (anabolic-androgenic steroid)!

Plus while i realise that BR says it is CII - and i trust his word implicitly - he does also state that it does provide synergy both ways, although slightly more with CI compounds.

It is not known by which action Oxy manages to give estrogen-like sides, with the two main theories being it acting directly at the AR and it having some activity at the progesterone receptor.

I think this is in part due to the fact that AI’s do not seem to reduce the estrogen-like sides and more importantly, the sides are significantly worse when stacked with an aromatisable steroid.
This latter point points to activity at the progesterone receptor IMO, and as the former does not seem to be the case at all (i have used it just 3 times mind you) - i am convinced on the latter.

I find the appetite blunting effect quite nice when it comes to results actually, and when i do a cut (not for stepping on stage mind you) i will be trying low dose T, high dose tren and mod/high dose drol along with a little T3.

For increasing the appetite i have found that GHRP6 works absolutely perfectly.

500mg Test only.

it has been a nice cycle, allowing me to secure a solid 210lbs with no dietary effort (read: maintenance).

Great stuff Brook although I have read several times that drol is DHT.

I’m thinking of an oxy-only cycle next. If I was to run into estrogen-like sides what would you recommend to be the course of action?

Most users do not get issue with estrogen like sides with oxy-only.

Now, what that means exactly i am not 100%.

Does that also mean you would benefit from a little estrogen? maybe - i am not 100%.

If i were to run a dro, only cycle i would have an AI and a SERM on hand - then you are covered.

I would start with the AI and use the SERM if i felt the need.

i do not think I would need them though…

I have never done it - as is the reason for the vagueness.