Going to Try a PCT Restart after 22 Years of TRT

Hello all,

Thank you all for your help and guidance in advance. I sincerely appreciate it.

I’ve been on TRT for over 22 years after using light anabolics in college at the age of 20. I used Testosterone for 22 years. I have been to many doctors around the world, most of which are named on this forum. I have used injectable, creams, patches, and new orals (they are great) in all dosages. However, my HCT is high and the biggest issue in my opinion is low LH/FSH and GnRH for cognition/mood. The mood and cognition issues are real for me. The data in Down syndrome use with GnRH is interesting and telling in my opinion for cognition. It is my belief this is a major issue with long-term TRT. I see no easy way to support GnRH on TRT. As an aside, I have had every diagnostic test you can image.


  1. What is a good PCT protocol for what my objective is?
  2. Is Kisspeptin an option to support GnRH? If so, what dose?
  3. Is Gonadorelin an option? If so, what dose?
  4. What other things should I be thinking about during this process?

Thank you again.

  1. no idea
  2. sure, but HCG does better from what I’ve heard.
  3. estrogen

If you have pituitary failure, as indicated by low LH and FSH, these two compounds won’t do anything.

Steroid abuse may lead to cognitive decline.

Cognitive Deficits in Long-Term Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid Users - PMC.

Recent laboratory evidence suggests that supraphysiologic doses of testosterone and other AAS may induce apoptotic effects on neuronal cells, raising the possibility that long-term high-dose AAS exposure might cause cognitive deficits in human users.

Thanks, @systemlord I sincerely appreciate your response.

No pituitary issue, I have kids and was able to restart years ago to produce sperm. What is your guidance on Kisspeptin and Gonadorelin?


I have never seen those compounds do anything, as in anyone who’s tried them, isn’t on them now, and with good reason. It’s kind of like boron for high SHBG, extremely low chance of working.

The only men seeking these compounds (including boron) are the extremely desperate. Think about for a second, we have a handful of members who have cognitive problems, anxiety, erectile issues, low libido on TRT.

If these compounds really did work, not only would it be common knowledge around these TRT boards, you’d already know about it.

Whats Gnrh?

Never heard if this long term issue- anyone gor any good links on it?

Gonadotropin releasing hormone, I think

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