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Going to Toronto This Weekend


Me and my roommate are going to Toronto for a concert on the 13th(Mumford & Sons), at the Sound Academy. I know there are a lot of Canadians on this site and was looking for recommendations.

We planned to go up early and were wondering if there's anything cool we have to do while we're there. Any specific restaurants, or bars, or really cheap hotels? We're still trying to decide if we want to stay the whole night since we're both poor. Thanks


I highly recommend the Brass Rail. Every cabby knows how to get there.



I think you missed the part about us being broke college kids.thanks though.
Alana reminds me of Gail the Snail from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. haha


Parachute from the CN tower. Post a video.



I've lived in Toronto and now live 10min outside of the city.

I'm not sure of cheap hotel as I've never needed one but I always pass by this hostel which is in a great location.


In terms of Saturday night if you're looking for a club it will cost you about $20 cover to get in pretty much anywhere. I the like club This is London but you have to call the place and put your name on guest list to get in (a lot of nights its EXTREMELY packed I recommend getting there by 11:15).

If you're looking for a college bar a very popular choice is the Madison (no cover) or Brunswick House (cover is cheap $10 I think). They're both University of Toronto bars and FULL of hot college age chicks. Drinks are on the cheaper side for a place on Saturday night.

If you give me an idea of what sort of scene you're into and what type of food you like it would be easier for me to give you a recommendation.


Go to the Church and Wellesley area. VERY friendly folks down there, you might not even have to worry about paying for a hotel!

Make sure to guard your anus.


I was visiting my buddies in TO and they thought it would be funny to take a side trip down Church to see my reaction.

I honestly don't know what they expected me to do, it's not like I saw anything out of the ordinary.


More straight, hot women go go clubs at Church/Wellesley than anywhere else in the whole city. Seriously.

Plus that area's pretty much the last real spot left in Toronto that hasn't been gentrified to the nth degree and made safe for people who belong in Mississauga or Sutton.

OP: Check out Kensington Market and hit El Trompo for tacos or Caplansky's for Irish-style corned beef after.



I love how everyone is directing OP to the gay town.


Thanks for all the recommendation...kind of
Marathe I'll definitely check out Caplansky's sounds good.
therajraj we'll probably stick to the college bars thanks.


Expect nothing less. If he were coming to San Diego, I would expect any self respecting San Diegan to direct him to Hillcrest.


Want to add if you go to the Madison Avenue Pub, its 21 and over after 11pm.


Stop in Hamilton on your way through, Hess village won't dissapoint!


If you're looking for a place to stay, try the Hotel Waverly.