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Going to Toronto... Help


Hey everyone, I am going to Toronto on Friday and was wondering if you guys know any good bars/clubs, restaurants etc, things to do. Good places to pick up chicks. LOL Any ideas please let me know. Right now all I know is that I will be staying in Markham for 2-3 nights. Currently the only thing I can think of is going to Hooters to win another wings and beer contest... Thanks!


MOD club is great!


Get in a cab and head over to Church Street. Great food, drinks, colorfull atmosphere, great clubs/patios and lots of single, aggressive and easy, ahem, women. ; )


Good recommendation - lots of hotties (girls and guys), and a fun vibe. It's exactly the same every week - but if you're visiting that's totally irrelevant! Check it out, you'll be glad you did.

Do you have any particular musical preference?


Yeah, the women are easy - if you're a woman! If you're a man, you'll find the men are much easier on Church Street. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, thanks for the replies, to be honest I dont mind any type of music, im not big into clubs, bars and pubs are better for me, i aint the dancin type, course you dont see a guy 6'7 and 295 pounds dancing or have you? lol

Ok so MOD and Church street.


How are you getting into toronto? Markham is friggin far and parking sucks downtown


LOL You're a bastard!


No, luckily I know people in Toronto, thats why I will NOT go to Church street.


Yeah I know, my bud lives in Markham, we are going to have to drive in, I know parking is shit, based on past experiences, I have been there plenty of times but find the city is so spread out that its hard to find an area that has a good number of bars/clubs in one area like here in Montreal where you can literally walk from one end of the city to the other and have everything within walking distance.


Bovine Sex Club lol ... good stuff