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going to the doc

alright bro’s. i have an appt on wednesday with my doc. she is generally very cool. she is young and seems to have an open mind. anyhow i plan on having my precycle test run as well as having her refer me to a dermatologist for some help. this is where my question comes in. i have not been to a derm. doc previously and do not know what to expect. basically, i want a script for accutane to be run post cycle for the chest and shoulder acne i get from sustanon. however, i dont know how to approach it. any of you guys cross this bridge already? should i just lay it flat out and therefore allow for the best advice from the derm.? or should i lie about my usage and just hope the meds prescribed dont interact negatively with my usage. what would you guys do? or what have you done?

I’d be honest with the Doc. He’s not going to turn you in. You might get a scathing rebuke but once he’s sees you’re an incorrigible juicer hell-bent on doing it no matter what he says - he should give you the 'scrip. It’s not his job to try and force you to stop or anything.

Just make it clear that his decision to provide the 'scrip has no bearing on whether or not you will do the cycle.

I would say that you should be honest. If you want to lie, you can simply say that you are on hormonal replacement therapy which has ended up giving you acne. Or you could just blame it on supplements. Either way, I feel that it would be important to let him or her know that you have been down the topical road and that it has not worked for you. Saying this would be better than pushing for a script. If you can’t get the script, there are plenty of underground sources who carry accutane. Let us know how it goes.

try asking your reg. doc first. you said she is open minded, so maybe she will write the script, my doc does.

I had the same situation with my doc. he was very cool and open minded as well. he said just to be honest with the derm. doc. and see if it changes anything when it came to prescribing meds. So i told him and he said it didn’t make any difference and doesn’t interfere with meds at all. so if you’d like to keep it to yourself, I dont think it would matter.

OK, OK…I won’t start…

good stuff. thanks bro’s. i’ll keep you guys posted since we can all learn from others experiences.

We’re just one big happy family! :slight_smile:

Good luck. My face is clear but like you my chest/back/shoulders are scarred from acne. First I asked Dr.John(SWALE) and after doing a lot of research on accutane, he said no way. It is VERY liver toxic and just some nasty stuff overall. Then I went to another doctor and he said that even though my body acne probably warranted accutane…he would not prescribe it. He said I’d have to see a dermatologist. If you go to your doc and tell her you already take liver-toxic substances(even many injectibles are toxic to some degree) you probably don’t have a snowflake’s chance in hell of getting your script. Good luck though. I hope you fare better than I did in my attempts.

ask for erythromyocin, i misspelled it, it’s an anti-biotic usually taken orally but also comes in a roll-on form for skin disorders. The best thing is to clean right after you get dirty or sweaty and then apply. laters pk

I took erythromyacin for quite a while and the only thing it did for me was give me a constant upset stomach. Acne didn’t recede one bit. Tetracycline sucks too. The only things that work with any potency at all are accutane and Retin-a(the topical safer version of accutane)Only thing is retin-a doesn’t work very well for acne that is spread out over a large area like your chest and back.

again thanks guys. i will let you know what i am prescribed. i would like a topical treatment for now being as i am starting a cycle on monday. but maybe an oral treatment for post.

Drago, accutane is hell. You have to go for blood test before, after and every month on it. It has some serious side effects also. Did you look into the med at all? I went on it before (i’m 19) like a year ago and still get a pimple or two on my face every once in a while. I never had acne on my back though. While on, my gains lifiting were minimal. The med does abuse your kidneys (i think or maybe your liver) one of those. It’s hard to walk into a derm and Say “i want accutane.” They give you a bunch of shit before that, it’s kind of a last resort. Hope i helped. If you have any q’s PM me i’ll try to answer. Also after accutane i noticed my bones rac a hell of a lot more than they used to.


Not any doctor can give you accutane. It HAS to be a derm. When you get an accutane perscription it has a little sticker placed on it which is like the seal. Only derm can put that on. I asked a good friend of my fam, an eye doctor, to hook it up with accutane before i took it and he coudln’t. He prob. would of lost his license.

On accutane your skin dries, a lot due to a shutdown in your oil glands. your lips burn all day, every day, cream helps a little. They say you may become suicidal but that never happend to me. bones crack as i said before and continued to do so after i was “off.” But my confidence went throught the roof with clear skin so it was worth it. Keep me posted drago as to what they say. Peace.

several thoughts…

-dont touch accutane…

-be upfront with your doc at all times, if he/she has a problem with your usage, find another doc

-dont touch accutane

-ask to be prescribed doxycicline, easiest oral antibiotic on the liver and you can take it while “on”…ive used it during a cycle and all hepatic tests came out normal…

-dont touch accutane…

-ask for brevoxyl 8% wash and use it on your back, chest, etc. in the shower

-ask for several antibiotic topicals to use in the AM/PM

-dont touch accutane

my sister is a derm so i prob know a bit more about this than most, so i hope that helped…

the erythromiocin i was referring to earlier is in roll-on form. taking oral anti-biotics for skin disorders would suck. laters pk

It is worth it. I took it when I was 17, I am now 27. I took it as I has systic pimples all over my back, very painful. Not too bad on my face. I still to this day get some breakouts. The drug is very toxic to the liver, and drys you out bad. Hope you don’t wear contacts to see, you will soon be wearing your glasses. I also would be careful with sex and not get anyone knocked up… the drug does some crazy shit to the genetic make up of sperm, and if a girl ever goes on it, she has to be on the pill, as it can cause major birth defects in a developing fetus. I would do it after your PCT. Give your liver a break

all excellent posts. your time is appreciated guys.
3x… so your saying dont take accutane? lol. point taken. thanks for the thorough advice. is the brevoxyl wash(sp?) a script? i went to the docs today and was prescribed “minocycline” with orders to take 200mgs/ed in divided doses. this is an antibiotic i know. trying to read up on the drug now as i am debating starting my cycle on monday or holding off a bit. the doc said i should notice significant improvment quickly. honestly my skin is almost cleared up now from my last cycle. i am just looking to the end of this one and would like to have a game plan to clear up quickly as well as keep it suppressed while on as much as possible. would running the antibiotic during and post accomplish this in your opinion?

minocycline is good- i use when it when “off”. i was told by my own dermatologist not to use it while on as it is metabolized more by the liver than doxycycline. personally, i think its ok to use while on- but why risk it? so, doxycycline while on, minocycline while off is a good strategy IMO.

yes, brevoxyl 8% wash is an antibiotic, therefore, you need a script.

great, thanks. lots of good stuff in this thread. should be a good one for the archives.