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Going to the Arnold...?


This will be my first trip. I had plans to compete in the Oly meet, but my entry got put "on hold" since the weight classes are filling up. It's ok though, because instead I'll get to train strongman events with 3 or more lightweight pro's on Saturday morning.

Outside of that early morning training session, I don't really know what is going on. Our gym has 2 guys competing in grappling and one in MMA, so I'll probably attend those, and I also plan on attending the strongman comp and possibly BB, but other than that, should I just plan on hitting up the expo with all my other time? What should I make sure to do and see, is it even worth planning things?

Those of you that have or are going, lay it on me...


I'll be there. Should be fun!



Won't make it this year but plan to in 2010, I have 3 training partners going to lifting in the USAPL Quest Pro.


Thank god it's only about an hour or two away, meaning hell yes I'll be there.

As far as planning things, no, it's not really worth it. If you show up semi early you'll catch pretty much everything. But of course if there is something specific you'd like to see, be sure to check times.


Hoping I qualify for next year. I have my coach doing the Con-Crete, and a couple I train with occasionally doing the Quest.


My first time, I'll be there early Sat or Sunday.


I'll be going with a training partener that will be lifting in the USAPL meet. Hopefully I'll be in it next year.


Its about 15 mins from my house, so I'll be going.

Its always a zoo. Be prepared for massive crowds, lots of samples, skanky supplement girls and some funny "bodybuilder oufits".

The convention center itself is a short walk away from a bunch of nice little restaurants (most of which I've never been to) and the Arena District bars that are pretty popular with both OSU students and an "older crowd".

You guys won't have any trouble finding things to do the whole weekend.


I'm going.

Steve, read my post on marunde from just after the arnold last year to see what I did, but yeah, dont worry about getting bored, plenty of competitions to watch, supps to get, "challenges" to participate in, etc etc


the Arnold is a must experience for any fitness enthusiest. I went a couple years ago. wanted to go this year but finances dictated otherwise...I will be there next year though...


Ill be gloing there for year 3 in a row. I plan to veiw many of the martial arts events, Hit the expo (twice maybe?), attend the finals for powerlifting, then catch the amateur comp sat afternoon, then at night the big show. Yeah I'll be there all friday/sat. oh and will be partying at OSU friday/sat night.


I didn't see it anywhere. What's the topic, I don't read all of the threads.


ill be there, if i order a T-Nation shirt next tuesday ya think ill be able to get it by Saturday for the expo ?

I've cut all the sleeves off mine and I like to rep the site when I'm there.


First time going as well. My friend Andrew Hollenbeck will be competing in 165, really pulling for him to get a nasty total.


I should.