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Going To the Arnold Classic This Weekend?

Just wondering if there were any fellow T-People headed to Columbus… I’ve never been, is there anything that I should make certain not to miss? I’m mostly interested in checking out the power lifters…


I’ll be there for the first time! I will be spending most of my time watching the big boys and strong women powerlift!

I hear there’s lots of fake boobs to look at on the expo floor…if you’re into that sort of thing.

I’ll be there with my team. It is my 1st time going but the other members of my team have been there before.

I hear the after-parties are great. Also, the prices on merchandise get lower as the weekend progresses. I guess vendors don’t want to haul everything back and will cut deals on merchandise.

BM, drop me a PM. I would love to meet you in person.

I’ll be competing in the bench contest at 4:00 PM Saturday, Main Expo stage. I’ll be the giant bald dude winning the whole damn show. LOL

Come by and say hi!

For the expo, make sure you bring a backpack to stow all the free stuff. Bring a camera as well, you’ll see a few famous types. Last year, I got to meet Arnold after he gave his speech. Pretty cool.

There are always lots of hotties around, but there was less skin than the last year, I think they are trying to keep their image tame. Still nice though

Good luck at the bench meet! I’ll be watching that for sure, my boyfriend, Jesse, is handing off for Taylor Tom.

I’ll be there covering the weekend for T-Nation, similar to how Shugs covered the Olympia.

We definitely need to meet up at the expo.


I forgot to mention, but if you are headed to Columbus, you may want to check out the Strength Summit being held in conjunction with the Arnold Fitness weekend.

The line-up of speakers and topics is awesome. Lonnie will be presenting as well. I will be spending a good bit of time at these seminars. Checkout Strengthpro.com for the schedule of events and speakers/topics.

Have any of us collectively decided on a common meeting ground, time, or are “select” indidviduals PMing each other with this info. Either way look forward to meeting some of the Nation at this event. I’ll be 290’ ripped, so you won’t be able to miss me(kidding).

I will be getting into Columbus tomorrow evening and be there through Sunday. Mainly around the powerlifting venue.

Good luck Lat!

I’ll be there. Been going since 1996 and its great every year. Lots of freebies and definitely lots to look at. Dr. Myhal will be speaking at the strength pro thing too and he’s really good. Too many things to do this weekend with too little time. If a T-Nation group is getting together, definitely post something here.

I’ll be there- I’m getting to Columbus tomorrow night. I can’t wait! :o)

Dr. Myhal taught one of my exercise science classes at Ohio St. He is talking about: Diet, Exercise, and Body Composition Control Relative to the Physique Competitor.

He was big and cut back when I was in school there in the early to mid 90’s. It should be a good seminar.

Sounds like several people will be there starting Friday, but I would imagine a lot of people won’t make it in until Sat. I say we just pick a booth or stage area and meet up there at a particular time. I will be wearing T-Nation logo shirts both days.

Have you posted pictures here before? I’ll do what I can to find you. A meeting time and place for everybody would be cool.

GOOD LUCK GUYS!!! Take lots of pics and post them here.