Going to Thailand

in a couple weeks, I am heading off to Thailand for 10 days. My thai friend, who is a C grade thai porn star turned thai soap opera actor will be showing us around Bangkok. But he keeps asking us what we want to do. Aside from the personal massage, I have no idea what Bangkok offers. does anyone have any suggestions for stuff to check out? I know we are going to check out a Mui Thai boxing match.

I went to Thailand a few months ago.

Bangkok isn’t the best thing in Thailand. The Palace is amazing and there are a good few temples about if you want culture. Thai boxing is awesome at both Lumpini and Ratchadamnoen.

Go to Chang Mai for a few days and go on a jungle tour/elephant ride tour. I loved Chang Mai. Also if you can fly down to Ko Tao then i really recommend that too. 10days is alot and it isn’t - ie if you use it wisely you will see loads but on the other hand it is just as easy to piss it away.

Lonelyplanet.com has some good suggestions.

BTW - What is a “c-grade” porn star?


A C-Grade porn star? Does the filming involve various animals?

Have you read Shugart’s Thailand Trilogy series? It’s very well-written, informative and entertaining. I’m sure he has some great ideas on what to do.

But really…? A C-Grade porn star?


I ve been to thailand many times. I think BKK is a hole during the day , but realy comes alive at night. When you do come across a thai chick ,believe nothing and dont give her a dime.

If you meet a thai women and she seems too pretty , then shes a man.
You ll be surprised at how perfect looking some of those lady boys are.

I thought the phi phi island was really awesome. James bond island was kind of cool. its an hour boat ride from phi phi island.

Chaing mai is cool , however pls dont go on any elephants treks.When I went on an elephant trek , the locals were rather cruel to the animal. It had just rained , the ground was onstable , yet they ( the locals) were focing the elephant to walk up a steep hill. the animal had to carry a driver on its head and neck .As well as a heavy steel saddle for myself and another lady. It was obvious that it didnt want to go up ,but the driver kept on hitting the elephant with a knife handle on the head.
Be sure to try the fresh thai orange juice. The food is so good.

Sorry can’t offer any advice yet - I’m off to Thailand for the first time on the 6th December for two weeks, staying two night in Bangkok and then flying to the island of Koh Samui (takes about hour and a half) and staying at the WMC Thai Boxing Camp on Lamai Beach. It’s going to be some insane training and i really have to start increasing my conditioning or I’m going to get annhilated! Training twice a day in that heat :wink:
Whatever you do I’m sure you’ll love it, I reckon Thailand is one of those places you have to visit once in your life, from the madness of Bangkok, the temples, to the paradise Islands etc. etc.

Link to the camp on Koh Samui -http://www.wmcmuaythaicamp.com/flash_web/index.html

I went this summer.

A couple of days in Bangkok should do it. See the Muai Thai. Go to some of the major temples like Wat Po. Then go south, to Ko Pi Pi or Ko Samui. If you like diving or snorkelling, like I do, you’ll have a great time.

You could also load up on gear while you are there, if you are into that kind of thing. It’s legal, very cheap and in most pharmacies. Of course then you should train while you are there, which should not be a problem, as there seemed to be good (enough) gyms everywhere.

A typical day for me there went like this: Eat buffet breakfast. Train. Eat again, take supplements. Go to the beach or some incredible reef. Snorkel. Sunbathe and read book. Eat. Get a full hour massage, for about 5 bucks. Eat. Watch Muai Thai. Have a few beers. Eat. Sleep.


Jodgey, you are a tall white boy. You will be a king in Thailand.

Use your powers to seduce all those women, get massages with happy endings, and have a blast!!! And you can do it for pennies a day!

That’s what I’m talking about!

I need to make a trip out there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys. Keep the advice coming. I think this will become a yearly thing for me. Hopefully. . .

I definitely want to check otu teh boxing, temples, the beach (although I have the beach here), and the all night party scene. I hope the time flies by too fast, and I catch it all on the digi cam. . . .

Do not bang any girls from Thailand!! My buddy did this misdeed while he was in the Marines, and all he got was the clap! Never party without balloons!

If you sleep with a Thai hooker and dont use a johnny - then you are either very stupid or have a death wish! I’ll be training too hard to indulge in any of those type of shennanigans, but for sure i’ll be getting those full body massages twice a day! :wink:

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