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Going to Thailand and Trainning?

Anyone do this?

I’ve lifted for a while off and on. I’ve done some fighting. Nothing on the juice, yet. I’m thinking of going to thailand to travel, to practice muy, and mostly to juice and lift.

what your thoughts on this? Is this stuff better than what I can get in the states? I’d rather buy from somewhere safe than some guy at my gym.

My thoughts are— PIPE DREAM!

There is no need to go to Thialand to learn how to Tia box. There are plenty of gyms in the states that will teach you a better skill “MMA”. You will be much better off learning multiple skills. Randy Coutoure has a gym in Las Vegas that teaches different martial arts on different days. Now if you told me you wanted to go to Thialand to get some ass (not AAS) I would understand. There stuff is no better there (girls or juice) and if you want safe make your own. READ and Learn!