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Going to Take Ostarine. First Time Taking a PED


Hi there. I have been reading a lot about Ostarine and there is a lot of information to digest and some of it is conflicting / has left me confused so I have some (maybe basic) questions. I am going to get my blood test before taking this for the first time.

Starting dosage and increase plan for a 160lb male?

Anything I shouldn’t be taking / minimize while on cycle? (Alcohol, other supplements, etc)

What do I need on hand in case of lowered test levels or other potential harmful sides? (SERM, AI, etc)

Any signs of aforementioned lowered test / harmful sides that I should be looking out for?

After I complete a six week cycle what should I do to maintain / make sure I am healthy?

How long should I wait before cycling again?



When you take a testosterone like drug, there is a risk of its been the monkey wrench in the gear box. Sometimes gene expression can be messed up - forever. Not enough is known. Testosterone is a natural human hormone and does not have such risk factors. I guess the injected vs oral is important for many.